Jim Quinlan
Thomas Paine once referred to his days as "times that try men's souls." Jim Quinlan believes that such times are again upon us. A business consultant, Jim works daily with small business owners to help them maneuver through the unfriendly business climate here in RI. He sees firsthand the struggles that every day Rhode Islanders are faced with and is always hoping to make an impact to make their plight easier.
A native of Rhode Island, Jim recently moved to Coventry and is enjoying the quiet life it offers.  A father of a ten-year-old boy and and one year old girl, Jim lives with his family in the Blackrock area of town. Jim served as chairman of the Cranston Republican Party in 2009 and 2010 and remains a member of the RI Republican State Central Committee. Self-described as a "Goldwater conservative," Jim believes that governmental decisions should be made at the most local level possible. Jim can be reached at jim.quinlan@verizon.net or jim@papasloft.com ** Update 8/7/11   Thank you Cranston for so many amazing memories but we have moved to Coventry.  Let's hope our new town will be as wonderful.
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