Kids Can 'Make a Stand' This Summer

Looking for a fun and beneficial activity for the kids this summer?

If your kids are already bored this summer, it's time for them to make a stand – a lemonade stand, that is. Before you jump to conclusions, we must warn you: this isn't your average lemonade stand.

The "Make a Stand" program (a new initiative from The Toy Industry Foundation, an organization that donates toys and secures grant funding for children's organizations) infuses charity and fun. The program aims to create fun and engaging way for kids, communities and companies to turn the summer tradition of running a lemonade stand into a community service.

“There are millions of children around the country who don’t get the opportunity to play,” said Jean Butler, executive director of TIF. “Our ‘Make a Stand For Kids’ program empowers kids to help other kids by setting up their own lemonade stand.  While running their own business children can also learn about the importance of charitable giving, giving back to others and helping those less fortunate.”  

The initiative will help foster the work of local young entrepreneurs to set up and run their own stand to support the Toy Industry Foundation's donation drive. Those interested in the program can visit the site at www.MakeaStandForKids.org – where parents and kids can find tips and ideas for setting up their stand as well as print graphics and signage to inform their lemonade-loving customers that proceeds from the stand will go toward charity.

There is no official registration process. Parents are requested however to read the online Fundraising Guidelines and give their consent before their kids get started.

If you're planning to run a lemonade stand this summer (whether it's through the program or not), "Make a Stand" is offering these safety tips:

  • Always wash your hands with hot soapy water before preparing food.
  • If your hair is long, tie it back or wear a cap.
  • Wear a clean apron to protect your clothing from spills.
  • Have an adult help you slice the lemons, using a sharp knife and a clean cutting board.
  • Use paper or plastic pitchers and cups instead of glass.
  • Cover the lemonade and ice cubes between servings to keep bugs and dirt out.
  • Use a ladle or tongs to serve ice.
  • Provide a covered trash container to dispose of used cups and keep your area clutter-free.
  • Never operate your lemonade stand alone. Have your friends and older brothers and sisters’ help. Ask your parents or another adult to supervise your sale.
  • Set your stand up in your front yard or in an area where there are lots of people.
  • Never approach anyone in a car to make a sale.


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