Why Do People Cleanse?

Find out why people decide to cleanse and find out why you should too!

People decide to cleanse for a variety of reasons, but the majority of us do because we want to get rid of the toxins accumulated in our bodies, identify how food make us feel, support our immune system or reset our body, guts and internal clock.

We are all full of toxins.They may come from food, pesticides, cleaning products, air pollutions, fertilizer, etc., so cleaning out our inside is rather important.

My husband and I decided to do our first cleanse this summer, which is a great time because there is an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables. We realized how great we felt, we had more energy, less mood changes, slept better; basically, we cut out the sugar, white flours (from bread, pasta, rice and processed food), alcohol, dairy and fatty meat. We ate raw fruits and vegetables, raw nuts, fish, lean meat, slightly cooked vegetables, goat cheese and lots and lots of water to flush everything out.

The results were amazing. But, when living in the US where everything is so heavily processed, it is hard to maintain this eating style every day, although I wish I could). We were able to keep the heavy consumption of vegetables, especially seasonal ones. We have reduced the meat intake and only consume hormone-free meat, usually free range and not corn fed.

I decided to cleanse again before the holidays to reset my body. Boy, it feels great but with it comes some ups and downs. Sometimes, you feel lethargic for a day, your emotions go nuts, your cravings (sugar, caffeine, white flour) drive you insane. It's like being a drug addict, you have to let it all come out because your body is used to living in this intoxicated state.

Should you decide to cleanse, be prepared, have support, know why you are embarking on this amazing, freeing journey and know that it may be quite hard for the first few days.

It's specially important to cleanse at the change of season: our body changes just as nature changes and our needs are different in the summer than in the winter.

For more information, you can contact me at severine@meaningful-living.net

Please send me your feedbacks, ideas, critics, etc. I would like to hear from you.

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