NKHS is RI's No. 3 School, According to US News & World Report

USA Today's annual high school rankings are out.

US News & World Report released its annual high school rankings this week and North Kingstown High School landed third.

The school is ranked 1,287th nationally and has a college readiness score of 29.4 percent — above the state average bit lower than the state's top school, Barrington, which has a score of 49.3.

Helping the school in the rankings is the above-average participation rate in advanced placement courses. It stands at 35 percent.

In addition, the school received a Silver Medal distinction from US News & World Report.

Check out the full report HERE.
Chris Demers April 27, 2014 at 03:40 PM
I've always considered myself fortunate that I was able to attend NKHS. Furthermore, I consider my kids fortunate also, who will be attending in a few years. To go even further; absolutely nothing about how we are ranked school-wise has anything at all to do with the North Kingstown Town Council; all of whom which suck immensely and continue to do absolutely NOTHING, in the interest of town residents.
Concerned Resident April 27, 2014 at 06:36 PM
chrissy, congratulations, a new record of 5 lines of text before you add the self-centered self-interest ff twist to your comment. as far as the town council doing nothing in the interest of town residents I think you are referring to the few privileged ff as opposed to the majority of town residents.


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