NEANK Urges NK Residents to be Engaged

An open letter to the residents of North Kingstown.

The National Education Association North Kingstown has penned an open letter to North Kingstown residents urging them to be informed and engaged as the district takes on a host of new initiatives.

Here's the full text of the letter:

It is no small secret; North Kingstown is a gem of a place to live.  For as long as anyone can remember, North Kingstown schools have had the honor of working with some of the finest and most skilled students one could ever meet.  This goes beyond pure academic excellence.  Children have brought sports achievement to an entirely new level, found their niche on and off the stage through drama, artistic design, and musical performance.  Further, they have worked tirelessly to improve their understanding of a subject to go from struggling to confident, or they have developed the skills they needed to bring forth their best every day.  Although each of these students can be linked back to at least one professional educator who gave them the encouragement they needed to hone their talents and make their dreams a reality, it is supportive families who deserve the most recognition.

Parents, educators, and support professionals are the cornerstone of a varied and solid education.  Furthermore, that child’s educational system has a profound impact on the outcome of their life.  Just like any other investment, it is where one places it and who is in charge of the overall system’s rules and regulations that determine the benefit gained.  That being said, any decisions that are made which directly or indirectly relate to a child’s education determine the overall outcome of the child’s educational experience.  It is because of this responsibility that the North Kingstown teachers are becoming more involved in attending and participating in school committee, town, and SELAC meetings.  We as education professionals wish to give presence and voice to issues that we feel affect us all.  It is only through collaboration and communication between all parties that success can be achieved, so it is a firm belief of this organization that we also need to work with administrations, school and town officials, and the most important people in a child’s life:  their family.

Several initiatives and programs are an essential part of the North Kingstown community’s future:  programs like full day kindergarten, updated technology in the classrooms, and 21st century technology programs are an essential part of the forward progression of this community.  A solid community partnership, based on the principles that all children can learn and have the right to the best public education experience possible, is what will continue our longstanding run as one of the top school districts in the state of Rhode Island.  Furthermore, each and every one of you possesses the ability to make this town even greater through your input and participation in the public forums mentioned.  This is where your voice can be heard while being given the opportunity to speak to that which you know is in the best interest of your children and the community at large.  Community is not something that lasts only today; it either grows and evolves, or declines, depending upon the level of care we provide to it.  To that end, it is imperative that we come together as a community of learners, educators, advocates, and neighbors for our children and the generations that will follow.

Stay informed.  Be the change you want to see in your community.  Voice your opinion with facts and the knowledge that you are a child’s greatest advocate.  Above all, recognize the fact that you are each an agent of change in an ever-changing world, and you have the right to practice that role freely and actively.  We hope to see you, and look forward to working with you all.




The Executive Board, NEANK  


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