5 of the Largest Homes in Rhode Island

Check out these huge homes which measure more than 10,000 square feet.

237 Ruggles Avenue, Newport. Credit: Zillow
237 Ruggles Avenue, Newport. Credit: Zillow
Think your home is big? Some of the biggest houses now for sale in Rhode Island measure over 15,000 square feet. And that's not the size of the lot; it's the size of the house itself.

Check out these fives gigantic homes currently listed on Zillow.com:

  • 237 Ruggles Avenue, Newport — 24,393 square feet. This $17.9 million home has 15 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms spread over more than 24,000 square feet. The house was built in 1875. It includes a grand ballroom, tiled swimming pool, and a cabana.
  • 254 Ocean Avenue, Newport — 15,851 square feet. This $19 million home has eight bedrooms and 14 bathrooms over more than 15,000 square feet. Its crescent shape is meant to complement the curve of the coast. There's an ocean-facing pool, tennis court, and six-car garage.
  • 85 Nayatt Road, Barrington — 13,293 square feet. This $5 million home has seven bedrooms, a gym, putting green, and wine cellar.
  • 140 Prospect Street, Providence — 12,756 square feet. This $2.5 million home has 10 bedroom and eight bathrooms. There's a main mansion and three apartments.
  • 1185 North Main Road, Jamestown — 12,325 square feet. This $9.9 million waterfront estate has a chef's kitchen, wine cellar, and indoor lap pool.
Sayona April 06, 2014 at 01:47 PM
Holy Sweet..... where's the airstrip? And the personal zoo? I mean really, if one is going for complete ostentatious wealth-- do it RIGHT. But that's not saying I wouldn't take the one in the header photo in a heartbeat if offered....not saying that AT all.


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