Sewers: Yes Post Rd. North, No Sauga Point, Still Undecided Wickford

Wickford commercial users are encouraged to attend a meeting Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. at the N.K. Chamber of Commerce.

Credit: NK Patch
Credit: NK Patch

The Town Council voted Thursday in favor of extending sewers to what’s referred to as “Post Road North,” voted against bringing sewers into the residential neighborhood of Sauga Point and put off making a decision on sewers for Wickford, pending more information on the latest commercial-focused proposal.

The votes on Post Road and Sauga Point were both unanimous.

The plan to bring sewers to Post Road is estimated to cost $6.6 million with a per-foot cost for users – mainly businesses – at $1.42. This plan brings sewers from Quonset to School Street. There has been little input from the public on this proposal.

Alternatively, the public comment on extending sewers to Sauga Point/Shore Acres led Town Councilors to vote that plan down Thursday night. A survey conducted on behalf of the town showed 57 percent of respondents (180 out of 342 mailed out) were against bringing sewers in, 43 percent said they wanted sewers.

That particular neighborhood had been targeted because of early interest in sewers there and the area’s close proximity to the water, but costs trumped interest. The cheapest alternative presented by sewer consultant Jim Geremia would cost $7.5 million with a sewer assessment per individual unit (i.e. house or condo) at $21,500, payable over 20 years, and an annual cost of $1,645.

With Post Road and Sauga Point sewer questions answered, the Town Council moved to the proposal for sewering Wickford, another contentious proposition.

At the public hearing Dec. 17, many Wickford residents spoke in opposition to the plan – again based on the cost. Of the five alternatives introduced so far, the cost per unit (EDU) ranged from $68,000 to $33,000 – the lower the cost, the larger the area being sewered.

For the meeting last Thursday (Jan. 16), Geremia drew up yet more proposals for the area – Alternates F, G and H. These alternatives targeted commercial users primarily, and the sewer assessment for residential users would be capped at $25,000. The sewer assessment for commercial users would range from a high of $72,625 (Alt. F) to $56,960 (Alt. H).

The new plans include the Wickford Elementary School building, which would pay as many as 34 commercial EDU sewer assessments – $2 million with the lowest number (Alt. H).

Wickford business and commercial property owners are invited to discuss the different options at a meeting Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. at the NK Chamber of Commerce on Post Road. 

The Town Council will take up the issue again at its meeting Jan. 28. 

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CompassCarrier January 22, 2014 at 05:33 PM
No sewers for Shore Acres.......is Will "Sewer" King wailing in his driveway????
underwhelmed January 22, 2014 at 07:20 PM
This must be the appeasement stage, where the TC can point to the fact that they voted for Post Rd and against their own (Republican Mr King) great stand-up stuff. My guess is they are now trying to determine the degree of blowback they are going to get when they sock it to all the surrounding areas (taxpayers) of the Wickford El. Then the developer can buy the building, the TC gets out from under a big problem of their own creation and everyone can pay happily ever after. Can you say thank you Mr & Mrs taxpayer, our TC saves the day again! Has anyone seen former councilor Stamm?


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