Report: Ridership Improving at Wickford Junction?

Ridership has risen 48 percent in the past two years.

It's been almost two years since the Wickford Junction commuter rail station opened in April 2012. A recent investigative report by Channel 10's I-Team found that ridership at Rhode Island's newest commuter rail stop is increasing, but slowly.

Rhode Island Department of Transportation Director Michael Lewis told the I-Team that ridership has risen 48 percent since the station opened two years ago. About 175 riders buy roundtrip tickets each day. According to Lewis, when the Providence station first opened it only attracted 200 riders a day. Now, ridership is up to 2,400 at Providence. 

The station and its 1,100-space parking garage cost $44 million, mainly in federal funds. 

Lewis added that he hopes to add weekend service to Wickford in the near future. 
Jeff Crawford February 20, 2014 at 07:40 AM
I think you need to provide more facts. Ridership is up 48 % from what? If 175 people are riding the train from Wickford Station daily, that means 875 roundtrip fairs per week or 3500 per month given a 5 day work week. Since parking is free and there is a minimal staff working there, not including the Property Owners maintanence staff, how much money is the station bringing in per month for the last two years? Don't get me wrong, because I think the train is a good idea. However, you've got to make it cost effective and more frequent, especially on weekends. For example, I have driven to the Red Line Station in Quincy and gone to a ball game and returned faster than the Purple line because the trains are so infrequent on the weekends.
Scott Madison February 20, 2014 at 10:54 AM
http://www.hummelreport.org/Stories/5.3.2012.wickford.html Expect your taxes to cover these monthly and yearly expenses for decades to come. The landowner/developer made out BIG here and is he set for life, thanks to you, the taxpayer. The state paid Cioe $3.2 million for the land... The state is paying Cioe's company a $15,000 per month management fee... It is also paying a $15,300 monthly parking operator fee.... $8,400/month electric bill.... Throw in trash and snow removal, landscaping and other costs and the bill to maintain the facility comes to $56,000 a month. That's $672,000 a year. Follow the money people....
Ralph March 13, 2014 at 03:04 PM
What is the basis for the 48% increase? 10 riders to 15 riders is 50%!


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