Red Tape Bars The Greene School from Occupying DES

Roof repairs continue at Davisville Middle School and Quidnessett Elementary, while Davisville Elementary School will remain largely empty this year

Plans to into part of the empty Davisville Elementary School are on hold for this school year.

North Kingstown School Superintendent Phil Auger told the School Committee at its Aug. 14 meeting that the lawyers involved had not approved a lease agreement.

Attorneys for the school system, the town, the town bond counsel and The Green School itself have not ironed out all the details, Auger said. "I've been blown away by the bureaucracy."

Auger said he is still pursuing the lease plan, possibly for the next school year. 

School Business Director Mary King said that over the summer she has been meeting regularly with contractors on school projects being overseen by public works officials from the Town of North Kingstown.

One team is , funded by a approved last spring. King said that project appears on track for completion.

The other team is working under a roof warranty to at the Suzanne M. Henseler Quidnesset Elementary School.

King said the Quidnessett School roof repairs are progressing, that old carpet has been removed and a new flooring material will be installed for testing in part of the school.

However, she reported, the Rhode Island Department of Education process required to design, review and request proposals for a new HVAC system, also funded by the bond issue, will probably delay completing those repairs before cold weather sets in.

On a more positive note, Auger reported that the North Kingstown Schools will receive nearly $800,000 in federal grants to upgrade wireless computer technology in the schools.

He said that future standardized tests will be conducted online and students will need wireless access to complete them. He said he would have more details about the grant at a future meeting.

NK Parent August 15, 2012 at 05:20 PM
Hmmmm ... "lawyers involved had not approved a lease agreement." I'm beginning to think that this town has the most incompetent (but high billing!) group of lawyers on the planet.
Govstench August 15, 2012 at 07:28 PM
Rhode Island Department of Education process required to design, review and request proposals for a new HVAC system, also funded by the bond issue, will probably delay completing those repairs. This is part and parcel as to why things drag out, there is way too much regulation, administration and procedural processes to satisfy in order to get anything done. The process is a dis-service to the students. The meeting last evening was also very loosely run by the chair and perhaps ground rules must be put down early to keep those unruly people in the audience from interrupting the proceedings. Grandstanding by the public unions only reflects on their "professionalism" which was at a new low last evening. Crowley is still the clown he has always been.
NKGOP Watch August 16, 2012 at 04:09 PM
The British Houise of Commons is routinely raucous and boisterous. Its part of their legend. If you want to see calm, look at old tapes of the Soviet Politburo, or today's North Korean duma. Get the point folks?
Mariana Tenanty August 16, 2012 at 06:26 PM
It is so disheartening to see something that seems to benefit everyone be delayed and/or discouraged by red tape…yet again! At some point, common sense and the art of compromise for the good of the whole community have to come back in vogue or we will truly fail as a society! This may seem crude but I truly feel our inability to make things work in this community call for desperate measures: lock all the players in a room -- with a good HVAC system of course -- but only a finite amount of food and water until they "iron out" the details. These issues do not reinvent the wheel so stop creating roadblocks instead of solutions! Maybe then the children of North Kingstown (as well as beleaguered parents and other taxpayers) may actually win a round!


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