Planning Commission to Review Newest Changes to Village Zoning District

New changes have been made to a village center zoning district.

Residents expecting a public hearing on a controversial zoning district at Monday night’s North Kingstown Town Council meeting will have their say Tuesday night to share their thoughts.

After recent modifications to the , the council decided to have the town’s Planning Commission review the amended ordinance one more time before making a decision. The North Kingstown Planning Commission will review and make a recommendation at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday night at .

The CVD discussion began during planning commission meetings for a proposed village center at Rolling Greens Golf Course — named “The Preserve at Rolling Greens” — on Ten Rod Road. Since i, nearby residents have come out — described as a smaller version of South County Commons in Wakefield — in their area. The land in question, zoned residential, sits upon a groundwater overlay district designed to protect the town’s water supply. During these discussions, the commission began to look into modifying the language for CVD, as it has yet to be used in any developments in town.

After months of review, rewrites and discussion, the matter now goes back to the commission for final review and recommendation after the findings from a study on North Kingstown’s village centers was integrated into the language.

The study, conducted by Horsley Witten Group, suggested that the CVD zone’s regulations and parameters should be based on performance standards instead of arbitrary numbers and figures — recommending that yield plans be cast aside for measuring tools such as nitrogen loading. Nate Kelly, a member of Horsley Witten, spoke before the council and suggested that language regarding open space minimums and impervious surface maximums be excluded. These recommendations have now been integrated into the CVD language, according to Planning Director Jon Reiner.

Kelly added that the CVD “can’t be placed anywhere in North Kingstown” and that there needs to be “clear eligibility criteria,” strong design criteria, compliance with nitrogen standards and multiple layers of protection and review for a plan to be approved under the CVD zone.

Aside from its suggestions for the CVD ordinance, Horsley Witten recommended the creation of a new district exclusively for the Wickford Junction village center, where a .

“Wickford Junction is different,” said Kelly. “It’s unique and it has different requirements in terms of transit development opportunities.”

The role of the urban services boundary, where public services supporting urban development exists, regarding the CVD was questioned by both Council President Elizabeth Dolan and Council Member Charles Stamm. According to Planning Commission Chairman Chip Palmer, there was “initial” sentiment to restrict CVDs to within the urban services boundary, but the prevailing sentiment was to let it be allowed townwide. Palmer told the council the issue will be readdressed with the commission at Tuesday night’s meeting.

It is what it is February 08, 2012 at 07:33 PM
@ plain truth My problem with the anti-project standpoint, is they keep saying  how this project will affect the towns water, the nitrate loading, I've even heard the "pet waste" of this project being considered, and more. My question is, how is a huge development of almost a hundred houses, each with their own septic, own driveways, own waste water, and of course their own pets is ecologically better than a smaller project that preserves openspace? If you dont want more commercial development fine I understand that, but I dont understand using ecological arguments against this project if you are as u say OK with that many houses. I do understand a lot of people in our neighborhoods have signed the petition and your right I did not, I did sign the one at the golf course (shocking to you I'm sure) But I did see they had TWO petitions, one for people from Nk and one for people outside of NK. And when I did sign it the filled sheet was taken and put it in a folder behind the bar, so I'm not really sure you have all your facts straight about their petitions.  I'm not the enemy here I just hope everyone realizes what the real impacts are if this smaller development is squashed and the door opens for another one.
It is what it is February 08, 2012 at 07:37 PM
And by the way everyone in NKs opinions are what count, not just the neighbors.
Kevin M February 12, 2012 at 05:21 PM
@It is what - There are 2 separate issues at stake. One is retail and one is water. Nothing I have said is untrue. Believe who you want to believe. You on the other hand, hiding behind your screen name, are dishing out untruths. He is only allotted 49 homes (families) (1 per 2 acre buildable land) see pg 7. http://www.northkingstown.org/sites/northkingstown.org/files/basic-page-images/MASTER%20PLAN%2024X36.pdf ,under current zoning, not almost a 100. His proposed development contains 92 homes (families) plus an additional 35,000 sq ft of retail including yet another bank and pharmacy for this area. We encourage his senior retirement golfing community and keeping the restaurant (on it’s original site). We only oppose the additional 35,000 sq/ft commercial/retail portion of his development, which the area is not zoned or planned for. This CVD is not limited to just his site and the whole intersection will become a new commercial center. I am concerned with all CVD’s in groundwater districts, not just this one. Except for Hamilton, all other village centers being considered are in groundwater districts.
PLAINTRUTH February 13, 2012 at 01:43 AM
@It is what it is: You write in a very selective way. I said "EITHER you are in the minority of neighboring residents, OR you do not live in this area", you chose to only see the second part. I never said you do not know what you are talking about, (you brought that up), I said Kevin M knows and he is factual. He did not bring untruthful gossip into this any more than you did with your response. As he said above, you believe who you want. I did not call you names, although it is true I described your remarks as ignorant etc - a fine distinction I realize, but a distinction. That's no worse than you using words like "lies" and "catty untruths", don't be so sensitive! By the way, regarding "unnamed sources", you and I are hiding behind made up names, so we hardly occupy the high ground!. On town wide issues, OK everyone gets to vote, but I still believe on local issues only local opinions count - my entitled opinion, to borrow your phrase. I could reply to more of your inaccuracies, but let's get to the real points. I said the local residents are OK with houses, ie the Hawkins plan for new houses, but you assumed I mean the homes on the golf course (wrong again). What the VAST majority of abutters does not want is commercial, and you do seem to agree in your post. I think everyone should simply reread Kevin M's posts. He puts the case well. It too hope the golf course stays, but not if I end up with commercial development where I live instead. Let's not rezone residential land.
PLAINTRUTH February 24, 2012 at 08:13 PM
Well, here we are then. On Monday 2/27 the TC will vote on the CVD draft, which will open up green spaces all over our town to commercial development applications, if it passes in its current form. If you want existing empty commercial space redeveloped first, before building on more open space, let the council members know before they vote in 3 days from now. towncouncil@northkingstown.org All they need to do is limit CVD's to inside the state recognized Urban Services Boundary. There are 4 "villages" inside this area which the town-paid consultant company, Horsely Witten, stated are suitable for CVD's. Let's deal with those first. If we NEED more later on, then we will still have our green open spaces to consider at that time. FIRST DO NO HARM.


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