Pay Frozen For Support Staff in Second Vote

ESP's one-percent pay raise has been dropped to a salary freeze after a second vote from the school committee.

Overturning its decision , the North Kingstown School Committee re-voted on the matter Tuesday night – freezing salaries for remaining Educational Support Professionals (ESP) employees.

ESP’s contract dominated discussion on both Monday and Tuesday nights as the committee denied an arbitrators contract award. Instead, the committee made unilateral changes to ESP staff (including the elimination of life insurance, increased health insurance cost share, reduction of sick and personal days, etc.) and terminated the school department’s custodial staff in anticipation of outsourcing in an .

After returning from a mid-meeting executive session, John Boscardin – who had voted in support of Larry Ceresi’s motion to grant a one-percent raise – asked for the committee to reconsider Superintendent Phil Auger’s recommendation to freeze salaries for the group.

“That raise takes dollars away from programs that directly impact students’ opportunities for success,” said Boscardin.

Boscardin’s motion for a salary freeze passed 5-2 (with Ceresi and Bill Mudge opposing). Going into the night, the committee was tasked with closing a $211,000 gap in order to balance fiscal 2012 budget before it ended on June 30. Boscardin’s motion brought that figure down by nearly $68,000 and allowed the committee to avoid laying off a maintenance worker. According to the new director of administrative service, Mary King, the department’s maintenance crew has seen two retirements in the past year. Neither position has been filled.

To make up the rest of the budget gap, the committee voted to make other cuts and changes – including the reduction of food preparation at the district’s two middle school. Instead, food will be prepared at the high school and distributed to the middle schools.

The committee also held off on approving a contract with GCA to outsource its custodial service. According to school attorney Mary Ann Carroll, more details regarding the contract needed to be established between the two parties. The committee voted to authorize Chair Kimberly Page and Vice Chair Richard Welch to sign the finalized contract during its recess. (The committee is not scheduled to meet again until Aug. 14.)

Dark star July 11, 2012 at 01:09 AM
@TTaotT maybe you should run for school committee and put your thoughts into actions....or at least attend a school committee meeting and voice your concerns at the microphone, directly to the people that are making all the wrong decisions. You still haven't answered my question as to which sc member you contacted for additional information.
NK Taxpayer, too July 11, 2012 at 02:01 AM
T of NK antics and Common Sense I think the two of you are confused. I believe the blogger you want to direct your negative rantings at is NK Parent 2. Seriously, T of NK Antics & CS, I’m worried about you two. I think both of you have caught a case of “too much negative blogging syndrome” . You get confused to what blog you are giving your misinformation to. Gee, I hope it not contagious; there are too many self-serving bloggers out there and it might get too confusing for us bloggers wanting to read only factual information. @NK Parent 2 Thank you for putting the GCA problems information out there again. I’m just as worried about our town’s kids. Any other parent or town resident that is worried about the SC giving this horrendous company the ability to hire people that will be in the buildings and grounds with our kids please contact the SC members ASAP. Go to the NKSD website and click on School Committee to find information on how to contact the
Dark star July 11, 2012 at 02:11 AM
it is difficult to tell you idiots apart.
NK_Voter July 11, 2012 at 02:56 AM
So what? Apples to oranges. Does a para have a doctorate? The responsibility the Superintendent has? The skills he has? Why shouldn't he be paid more...he earns it! If you don't like your pay, work hard like he/she did and get a better job. I am a little tired of the class warfare garbage some shovel....
NK_Voter July 11, 2012 at 03:07 AM
CS..Why you keep making the 10 million claim when people have corrected you time after time means you are woefully ignorant or just have an agenda to push and the truth be darned. The 10 million is required as a reserve to keep a good bond rating for the town. A rating that lets us borrow for large capital projects. While you may wish to spend all to keep the unions happy at the taxpayer funded teat, many of us prefer not to go the way of Warwick, East Providence, Woonsocket.....


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