LETTER: Charter Changes Could Weaken Democratic Process

Ellen Waxman, a candidate for the North Kingstown Town Council, writes that the proposed charter changes on the council's agenda could diminish the community's voice on important matters.

Patch file photo.
Patch file photo.
As a candidate for the North Kingstown Town Council, I must express my opinion about the proposed change to the North Kingstown Town Charter. The proposed amendment eliminates the requirement for voter approval when Town owned real estate is to be sold or leased.  If Sec. 314 is amended, the NK Town Beach and other recreational or historic properties could be sold with a nod of approval by 3 Town Council members. Are you comfortable with losing your right to vote on such important decisions as this? 

While sorting through the many town issues that concern me, and my many ideas for positive change, one thing stands out: THE VOICE OF THE COMMUNITY MATTERS. What the majority of the community wants, is what the community should get. As a member of the North Kingstown Economic Advisory Board (EDAB), I've been fighting for improvements to our town's information infrastructure, and have proposed ways to open channels of communication between citizens and our local government. 

Your vote is your voice. Your right to vote on important decisions is in jeopardy with tonight's proposed changes to the Town's Charter. PLEASE  ATTEND TONIGHT'S MEETING AND VOICE YOUR OPINION. If you care about what happens here in North Kingstown, you have a responsibility to let our elected officials know what you want. In turn, our elected officials have a responsibility to make decisions based on what we the citizens of North Kingstown want. 

The Town Council meeting will be held at 7PM at the North Kingstown Senior Center, located at 44 Beach St. You may also email the Town Council at: towncouncil@northkingstown.org
Tricia Erin July 15, 2014 at 08:11 AM
Very we put Crystal Ball! :)
Rhodeyresident0303 July 15, 2014 at 11:13 AM
Like other things anyone running for office says one thing and does another. Just like Dick Welch who stated he would put a end to the way the fire department is currently operating yet hasn't done a damn thing to stop it. Instead he has stood behind the carol and Liz. Or Kevin Maloney who literally doesn't have a voice until it's time to run again.. It's time to vote out every single member of this town council and seriously give thought on who we will all be voting for come November. Mrs Waxman, how do you feel about the sewers ? How do you feel about the fire department being destroyed and having back pay and court fees over 3 million dollars? How do you feel about the zoning changes? And the ghost town that is post rd? It seems to me that since I have lived in this town for the past 55 years it's been nothing but people who care about themselves and not their neighbors. Unless you live in Wickford of course
CompassCarrier July 15, 2014 at 01:11 PM
Look who @ellenwaxman--a town council candidate--Is a big fan of...... Gordon Fox!: "Speaker Gordon Fox also deserves thanks. He was enthusiastic about promoting Rhode Island as a destination for the arts and he graciously invited me to meet with him. Rep. Donna Walsh was the sponsor of the House bill and Rep. Frank Ferri was a co-sponsor. He took the time to drive to Wickford to meet with me even though I'm not one of his constituents!"
CompassCarrier July 15, 2014 at 01:14 PM
Look who @ellenwaxman is also a big fan of: Theresa Paiva WEED: "Above all, I want to thank Senate President Theresa Paiva Weed....." This is from a letter to the editor Waxman wrote to the ProJo. And by the way, when she signed her name she listed her town of residence as "Wickford". That makes me wonder if she's running to represent Wickford.....or if she has any interest in what goes on beyond that area.
Joe Smith July 16, 2014 at 04:00 PM
Crystal - I agree with you actually (or on the issues of bonds and property sales over a certain $ amount); however, my point is let's be more clear in saying "what the majority of the community wants, the community should get", especially when a small percentage of folks actually vote on these issues or are vocal about an issue. When the zoning board or planning commission make certain decisions, those have long term implications for the community as well.


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