Judge Appoints New Lawyer to Represent Fry

Judge William Carnes appointed a new attorney for convicted murderer Kimberly Fry.

has a new lawyer following an appointment from Superior Court Judge William Carnes, according to the Providence Journal. On Monday, Carnes appointed Judith Crowell to represent Fry.

Crowell is the third attorney to represent Fry in less than a month. Fry dismissed attorney Joseph Salvadore during last week's hearing, during which Fry proclaimed that her conviction was a "horrible injustice." That hearing was halted and postponed during Fry's outburst and declaration that she was "not a murderess."

In mid January, . According to Fry, she was unaware of her lawyers' intent to pursue the "accidental theory" during trial, which the pair argued that Fry accidentally suffocated her 8-year-old daughter while l. 

Unlike Salvadore, Crowell says she will not pursue a new trial. Crowell has met with Fry at length in prison and is currently awaiting documents from prosecutors and Fry's previous attorneys before deciding what course to take. 

following a three-week-long trial and faces the possibility of life in prison. Fry strangled her daughter Camden in their home on Ricci Lane in North Kingstown in August 2009 while the girl was in the .


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