Irene to Cost N. Kingstown at Least $100,000

The initial figures are in and Hurricane Irene looks to have cost N. Kingstown $99,115 thus far.

Though the storm itself has passed, North Kingstown is far from being done with the effects of Hurricane Irene. Despite only being in town for a day, the price tag for Irene's visit is nearly $100,000.

"The numbers are still coming in," said Town Manager Michael Embury. "We're looking at that number to creep up a bit higher."

Currently, the cost of the storm is $99,115.41. Embury and the town's finance department are awaiting more solid numbers, specifially from the Department of Public Works and building officials.

The figure may be large, but Embury hopes 70 to 75 percent of the cost will be offset by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

"It may not hurt us at all if we do get a good reimbursement from the feds," said Embury. He adds that if federal funds from FEMA are insufficient, the town will be forced to dip into its undesignated fund balance to break even.

Excluding the building official, North Kingstown spent $50,597 on labor during the storm between public works, fire, police and school workers. Materials and equipment for the storm racked up to $18,003 and $19,125 respectively. Another $11,390 was spent on debris removal.


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