Council Members Urge Passage of Sewer Bonds for Wickford

"We need your approval on the two separate sewer bond issues. Both are very important for the future of our town," they said.

Patch file photo.
Patch file photo.

On Tuesday, June 17th, the town of North Kingstown will have a special referendum election for the purpose of having the residents approve allowing our town government to use the town’s bonding authority to finance two sewer projects, Post Road North and Brown Street in Wickford.

First only the people that will be served by these sewers will be paying for these bonds.    These bonds will be paid for in the sewer user fees paid for by those that are tied into the sewers.  This is the same as the Water Department, if you are served by the water department you pay for the operation and maintenance of the system in your water bill not in your tax bill.

Next you should know that the request for sewers on Post Road North is to provide sewers for the commercial properties from the red light at Newcomb & Post Road to the red light at Post Road and School Street.  The request for sewers in Wickford will also serve the commercial properties. The commercial properties on a  portion of Phillips Street, all of Brown Street, a portion of Main Street and a portion of West Main Street.  It will also include the tie-in of the former Wickford Elementary School and the library.  Environmentally these sewers will have a positive effect on the water quality of Wickford cove as well.

We need your approval on the two separate sewer bond issues.  Both are very important for the future of our town.  Both will allow new business investment that is not available at present because of the lack of sewers.  Both should help change the makeup of our business community for the better, adding jobs and increasing tax revenue for our town.

Are sewers the answer to all of the vacant store fronts on Post Road and Wickford?  No it is not the entire answer but it is part of what is needed if we are to improve business investment in North Kingstown and fill up all of the vacant space.  One only has to look north to East Greenwich or south to Narragansett and South Kingstown to see how the availability of sewers effects business investment.  The high water table in both locations has made it nearly impossible to conduct many businesses in both of these areas. 

Please consider voting to approve both of these bond issues.  The future of North Kingstown really hangs in the balance. 

There will also be another item on the ballot.  The town owns a 3+ acre parcel in Quonset that became surplus when the town leased the former Bostitch building on Callahan Road next to the golf course for the repair of the town’s fire equipment.  The town is required to have voter approval when selling any real estate which is why we are asking for your approval. 

There will be two voting places for this election.  Davisville Middle School and Cold Spring Community Center.  Polls will open at 7:00 AM and close at 8:00 PM.  Remember the date Tuesday, June 17th.


Richard Welch

Kevin Maloney

North Kingstown Town Council

Beth Cook June 13, 2014 at 02:01 PM
I am opposed to Questions #1 and #2, the current plan to bring sewers to only the commercial properties in Wickford and a section of Post Rd. The signs on lawns say that there will no tax to residents. How are the bonds totaling $11,500,000.00 going to be repaid? Is all that money coming from the few business property owners that are going to connect to the sewers? Environmental concerns are minimally addressed. Talk about the rising water table and failed septics at businesses on Brown St. don't mention that the water table rising will also occur at residences on Main St, Pleasant St. Fowler St., and the entire peninsula that much of Wickford Village is on. Our scenic harbor that attracts many boaters will not be measurably cleaned if only the businesses get sewers and residences are not connected. This is very shortsighted. This is not an action that will protect our environment and improve the quality of life and recreation for people in this beautiful village. Beth Cook


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