Budget Commission's $245K Bill Pays for Staff Under Oversight Legislation

The members of the East Providence Budget Commission are not paid for their work for the city; only the staff assigned to the board are being paid.

East Providence is responsible for paying for the staff of the state-appointed budget commission under the oversight legislation that governs the board’s stay in the city.

That is what makes up the $245,000 bill to the city that was approved by the budget commission on Thursday. 

“The members of the commission are not being paid anything,” said City Manager Peter Graczykowski, referring to himself as well as the four other members of the board, including Mayor James Briden.

“But the city is responsible for paying for their employees,” said Graczykowski, referring to Robert Eaton, Christy Healy and Heather Martino, who filled in for months as the city's human resources manager.

There is no separate agreement for their services with the state revenue department. It comes under the oversight legislation, he said.

Graczykoski said the staff members are paid for their hours worked, and the city is liable for the reimbursement to the state. 

The bill will be paid early this week, he said. And the city will be responsible for all subsequent hours worked by these staff employees as well. 

Graczykowski said he reviewed the bill and the hours billed to the city and it seemed correct.

The money being used to pay the bill is actually coming out of the savings generated by the commission’s work. The salary for a former purchasing agent, for instance, is being applied toward that bill. 

Graczykowski said the commission will remain in East Providence and the city will be responsible for the staff hours until the director of the revenue department, Rosemary Booth Gallogly, abolishes the commission.

That will happen when it is determined that fiscal stability has returned to East Providence.

Tonya Borello February 03, 2013 at 04:55 AM
Graczykoski appears to have 'checked out'. I could be wrong, but my gutt tells me we'll be hearing of his resignation soon.
Just the Facts February 03, 2013 at 01:58 PM
Considering he has made a sizable real estate purchase in a south eastern mass a little too far to commute to EP, I'd say you're right.
happy holligans February 03, 2013 at 02:24 PM
I agree - stick a fork in Graczykowski, he's done. In some manner, what a waster of money to pay a city manager who has no power or authority. You can make the case that it would be worth it when the budget commission finally leaves since the city manager would be up to speed or where things stand, but when Graczykowski bails, it was a nice waste of $100,000+ benefits. I was actually surprised that he wasn't discharged by the budget commission soon after they arrived. I have an idea, maybe O'Keefe could make himself the next city manager, especially since he said that he was only on loan at no cost and temporary, that could be O'Keefe "double speak" for I'm the next city manager for as long as I say so and here is my bill for my free-loaned services. I think we have finally decoded the O'Keefe speak.
Ron C February 04, 2013 at 01:20 AM
I think at this point, since he is trying to get out, the council should just give him his walking papers. He doesn't have a contract to worry about. I know there is a rumor that the Budget Commission won't let the council fire him but I say do it and put the ball in their court. How does the Governor defend the BC keeping the CM when the elected body says he has to go. If they do then they take ALL the credit for the good and the bad. I've also heard that another Director is about to leave and will be bringing a couple of the staff at the same time.
happy holligans February 04, 2013 at 01:42 AM
This is in today's Vinyard Gazette posted at 6 am: "I'm looking for a stable environment where I can hang my hat for a while," said Mr. Graczykowski, who has served as city manager in East Providence, R.I. since September 2011." No wonder he doesn't careless that the city has to pay $245K. Here are some additional quotes from today's Vinyard Gazette: "Mr. Graczykowski touted his accounting background in the interview, noting that he helped East Providence to overcome a multi-million deficit and end the fiscal year with a surplus." "A common theme throughout the proceedings, selectmen asked Mr. Graczykowski if he would move to the Island year round if offered the position. I know Tisbury very well; this is a place I'd choose to live," said Mr. Graczykowski. I don't know if there's any other way you can do it, frankly."


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