Budget Board to Consider Union Pacts, Fire Chief, Other Personnel Items

The East Providence Budget Commission meets Thursday, Jan. 3, in City Hall with a host of personnel items to consider.

Tentative agreements with three East Providence employee unions are on the agenda for the East Providence Budget Commission's first 2013 meeting on Thursday, Jan. 3. It starts at 3 pm.

Confirmation of the city's new acting fire chief, Capt. Oscar Emasian, also is on the agenda. He was named by City Manager Peter Graczykowski to fill the position after the retirement of former chief Joseph Klucznik last week.

The budget board also will hear a proposal to reorganize the consolidated finance department and start a search for a deputy finance director.

Here is the complete agenda for Thursday's meeting:

City of East Providence Budget Commission

3 pm Thursday, January 3, 2013

City Hall Room 306

1. Review of Cash Flow and TANs update – Malcolm Moore.

2. Request to modify Medical Coverage for Disability Retirees – Heather Martino and Peter Graczykowski.

3. Review and approval of Collective Bargaining Tentative Agreements with EPPMTEA, Teachers, Educational Secretaries and Police – Joe Whelan.

4. Requests to fill vacant School Department positions and approval of personnel actions – John DeGoes. a. Interim Superintendent extensionb.    Update on Superintendent recruitment

5. Requests to fill vacant City positions and approval of personnel actions – Peter Graczykowski.

a. Confirmation of Acting Fire Chief appointment and request to post permanent Fire Chief position due to the retirement of current Chief.

b. Request to continue separation of Parks and Recreation due to the   retirement of previous Parks and Recreation Director.

c. Request to post and fill highway position(s)

d. Proposed reorganization of the consolidated Finance Department and request to post and fill Deputy Finance Director position

e. Request to approve candidate for Senior Center part-time nurse position.

f. Request to approve candidate for Library Aide part-time position.

g. Request for delegated authority to negotiate and hire the successfulcandidate for the Human Resources Director position.

6. Request for approval of procurement and/or payments in excess of $25,000 and review of payments and/or procurements under $25,000 – Malcolm Moore.

a. Request to extend Police & Fire Pension Board Financial Advisor Wainwright pricing for 6 months – Malcolm Moore.

b. Request to advertise RFP for Tranquility Place Project – Jeanne Boyle.

c. Request to extend AMF contract for Finance Department assistance – Peter Graczykowski.

d. Request to extend contract for the tax sale attorney – Malcolm Moore.

7. Initial proposal for replacement of Police fleet – Peter Graczykowski.

8. Receipt of minutes from Tax Appeal Board – Diane Brennan.

9. Update on Superintendent and City Manager action items/work plans – John DeGoes and Peter Graczykowski.

10. Additional Commission Items.

11. Approval of Minutes from December 13, 2012.

12. Schedule and agenda for next meeting for Thursday, January 17, 2013 at 3 PM.

13. Adjourn.

Rick January 02, 2013 at 02:25 PM
7. Initial proposal for replacement of Police fleet – Peter Graczykowski Didn't the EPPD just get a large chunk of money? Can that money be used to replace the fleet?
Just the Facts January 02, 2013 at 02:36 PM
The money can't be spent w/o Budget Commision appoval
Townie77 January 02, 2013 at 10:54 PM
Where is the plan for the BC to leave? Why are they still here?
Henry January 03, 2013 at 01:47 AM
The Budget Commison can not leave or this city WILL fall off the cliff. The current council can not handle running this city anymore than the city manager! The city manager has been out for 2 weeks straight! Who is running this city? Who is running the school department? Who is running the fire department? All department heads have left this city! Looks like the police department is jumping ship at the next level too. We need more than just a budget commison from the state police! Send in the troops...


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