Ballots for NKHS Delivered to SK

One South Kingstown polling place received the wrong ballots.



Many voters in South Kingstown were turned away early this morning after their polling place received the wrong ballots. According to both WPRI and the Providence Journal, polls workers at West Kingston Elementary School in South Kingstown discovered they were given ballots intended for North Kingstown High School. The error was discovered around 7 a.m., right as polls opened.

According to WPRI, South Kingstown Town Clerk Dale S. Holberton said that precinct numbers for the two locations caused the confusion. (NKHS' precinct number is 2307 while WKES' is 3207.) As of 8 a.m., the ballots were being switched.

According to North Kingstown Town Clerk Jeannette Alyward, only a portion of NKHS' ballots went to South Kingstown and NK did not receive any ballots for SK.

"Weve checked all our polls and we have correct ballots and correct locations at this time," said Alyward.

Alyward also added that the polls have been busy in the opening hours today. Though she warned there are lines at many polling locations, things are running smoothly. 


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