Police: Teen Caused Route 4 Bus Crash

A 17-year-old Cranston driver allegedly veered into a Providence recreation department bus, causing it to crash on Route 4 Monday afternoon.

Monday’s bus crash on Route 4 in East Greenwich was apparently triggered when a teen driver hit the blue bus, officials say. According to the Providence Journal, a 17-year-old Cranston driver veered into the left-front side of the bus.

Captain Frank Castellone of the Rhode Island State Police said the teenager and another youth were in a 1999 Acura on Route 4 around 3:10 p.m. Monday when the crash occurred. According to Castellone, officials are unsure why the driver veered right.

The bus from Providence’s recreation department was carrying 32 passengers, the majority of which was elementary school aged students returning from a field trip to Newport. After it was struck by the Cranston driver’s Acura, the bus went over a guardrail, down an embankment before hitting a tree.

All occupants were brought to area hospitals, but officials said that only the driver — who was ejected from the bus — was seriously injured.

Ray Bassett April 19, 2012 at 02:49 PM
I'm sorry, but a 1999 Acura takes out a School bus????? I feel bad about the children getting hurt.....never should have happened, but...........a SCHOOL BUS, with 32 passengers....granted, mostly children, but still...that is a LOT of weight for a 1999 Acura to push off the road!!?!?!? Did the bus driver panic??? Just doesn't add up in my mind????
NKMom April 19, 2012 at 07:30 PM
I drive that stretch several times a week and have to say that RI drivers are NUTS. MA drivers have nothing on RI drivers. Drivers fly up on people, swerve late before lane changes and stray from lane to lane with alarming regularity. I can see how a driver - -even of a bus -- could react and lose control. And what caused the teen to swerve -- phone, text, music, food, other distraction? I'd say everyone is lucky in this situation and all of us need to slow down, pay more attention and concentrate on driving.


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