Police Log: Missing Xanax, DUIs, Fraudulent Speedy Cash Loan

The following arrests and incidents were reported by North Kingstown Police. They do not indicate a conviction.


North Kingstown Police charged Doreen Anne O’Malley, 46, with shoplifting Feb. 25 for allegedly stealing $285 worth of items from the Kohl’s on Gate Road.

Police said store loss prevention officers saw O’Malley go into a changing room with clothes and items and walk out with just one shirt and her purse reportedly full.

Police said along with the shoplifting charge, she was given a no-trespassing order.


An East Greenwich woman who dropped her iPhone at the North Kingstown Dollar Tree reportedly gave up the search for the phone despite tracking it to an apartment building using the “find my iPhone” feature.

Police said the woman reported the incident on Feb. 26 and said her phone was stolen while shopping at the Kingstown Plaza store.

Security video showed that the woman’s phone fell out of her shopping cart on her way out of the store.

Another woman, described as an older woman between 65 and 75 with short, thin, dark hair, reportedly spotted the phone on her way out, looked around to make sure nobody saw her, and grabbed it.

The find my iPhone feature helped police and the victim track the phone to an apartment complex in Warwick, but they were unable to determine which apartment the signal was coming from.

Police said store employees said the suspect thief is a regular customer.

The investigation is ongoing.


North Kingstown Police said a 26-year-old North Kingstown Man reported to police on Feb. 27 that about 100 Xanax and Adderall pills disappeared sometime the night before.

Police said the man told them he takes the medication daily and had gone to Tony’s Pizza for dinner and then went to Fat Belly’s in East Greenwich.

A search of his friend’s car turned up nothing and no pills were turned in at either restaurant, police said.

The matter was documented. 


Someone was messing around at the septic and sewer treatment facility off Roosevelt Avenue.

Police said a technician for Effuential Technologies, a company contracted by the owner to maintain the facility, contacted police Feb. 27 to report damage to the compound.

Police said a suspect appeared to jump a fence and got onto the roof. In the process, the suspect stepped on an electric meter, breaking the glass done. The culprit or culprits also reportedly kicked in a gate and tried to get access to the pumping station building by prying the latch on the door with an unknown object.


Police charged John Burke, 46, of Woburn, Mass., with driving under the influence and refusing a chemical test Feb. 28 at around 11:05 p.m.

Police said Burke was pulled over after he was seen drifting in and out of his lane on Post Road.

Once stopped, Burke reportedly told police that he had one beer at the All American and then failed a field sobriety test.

On March 2 at around 7:20 p.m., police charged Alexandra Nicole Carpenter, 21, of 215 Annaquatucket Road, North Kingstown, with driving under the influence and driving with a suspended license after a crash near Quonset Car Wash on Post Road.

At the scene, police said Carpenter told them that she was not feeling well and thought she was going to vomit, so she tried to turn into the car wash parking lot.

That’s when she reportedly crashed into an oncoming vehicle.

Police said Carpenter appeared intoxicated and failed a field sobriety test. She also smelled like marijuana, police said, but she showed them a medical marijuana card as she told them she smoked some marijuana a few hours earlier. 


North Kingstown Police said a 57-year-old Saunderstown woman told them that someone had applied for and received a $750 loan from Speedy Cash in her name in February.

Police said the victim told police that Speedy Cash said the person had used her name, date of birth and Social Security number to apply for the loan.

The debt has been disputed, police said, and Speedy Cash forwarded the matter to their fraud response team.

Police documented the incident.


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