Police Log: Cops Break up Underage Party, Hit and Run, Stop and Shop Tagged

The following arrest and incident reports were provided by North Kingstown Police. They do not indicate a conviction.

North Kingstown Police broke up a small gathering on Blue Beach off Roger Williams Way on June 3 after a report of young people gathered around a campfire.

Police said they located a group of people under 21 drinking beer.

One person, identified as Adam Bowen, 20, of 1649 Stony Lane, North Kingstown, was issued a summons for underage possession of alcohol after he said a cooler containing beer was his.

The beer was dumped at the scene.

On June 3, a North Kingstown woman told police that she was driving on Route 403 and taking the Wickford exit to Post Road when a stone was kicked up by a bucket truck in front of her, breaking her windshield.

Police documented the incident. 

On June 3, police took a report from an Orchard Woods Drive resident who said someone drove over his lawn sometime overnight.

Police said the vehicle pulled into the driveway, turned around on the lawn and left the scene, leaving impressions in the grass.

Though the damage didn’t seem permanent, police said, the resident told them it has happened several times before.

A witness reported seeing a green Jeep in the area that night but it is unclear if the vehicle was involved. 

North Kingstown Police reported damage at Davisville Elementary School that occurred sometime overnight on June 4.

Police said they were conducting a building check in the early morning hours when an office saw a baseball-sized crack in a window on the south side of the building. 

An officer conducting a building check at Stop and Shop on Frenchtown Road on June 4 observed graffiti on the side of the building.

Police said the tag read “927 DAYS SINCE SKYRIM!”

Police did not see any spray cans or people in the area.

Stop and Shop was notified of the damage. 

A 45-year-old North Kingstown woman told police on June 5 that someone dented the passenger door to her 2011 Volkswagen Jetta while it was parked for about an hour in the Rome Point parking lot.

Police said the damage was an 8-inch dent above the door handle.

The incident was documented. 

Police charged Edward M. Hammond, 26, of 35 Pardons Wood Lane, Eat Greenwich, with leaving the scene of an accident June 5 after he allegedly rear-ended a car at the intersection of Route 4 and West Allenton Road at around 6 p.m. and then left the scene.

Hammond reportedly was captured in East Greenwich after officers in that town responded to a crash in which he reportedly partially rolled his car on South Road, ending up against a tree.

The victims told police they were sitting and waiting for a green light at the intersection when Hammond crashed into them, causing their bumper to be partially removed.

Hammond then drove around the cars at the intersection and took off at a high rate of speed.

Hammond reportedly told police upon his capture that he fled because of his probation status. 

A 28-yar-old Glenwood Drive man was charged with disorderly conduct after his frustration at people riding ATVs up and down his street apparently got the best of him.

Police said they responded to the area after a report of ATVs driving in the roadway.

Upon arrival, they met with a nearby resident and owner of the ATVs who said he was riding down the road with his two children when Kristopher Deangelis walked out to the edge of the road and held his hand up in the air.

Deangelis reportedly was trying to tell them to stop riding, but his gesture was reportedly misconstrued as cheering them on and one of the ATV riders slapped Deagelis’ hand in a “high five” gesture.

Deangelis told police that after the unexpected high five, he went and got a shovel and then admitted to holding it over his head as if to bash the ATV riders the next time they went by.

He said he wasn’t going to hit anyone and just wanted to get their attention.

As a result, Deangelis was charged with disorderly conduct.

As for the ATV riders, both the ATVs were unregistered and they were issued traffic court summons for operation of unregistered vehicles.

A Pilgrim Drive resident told police on June 6 that he got a call from a man who claimed to be from the Internal Revenue Service and demanded money.

Police said the call came in at around 8:58 a.m. from a man who said the victim had unfiled tax returns and began asking for personal information.

When rebuffed, the man said he’d transfer the victim to a supervisor, named “May Gamble,” who said the man could settle his account by wiring $3,750.

It was then that the victim hung up.

The phone number came back to an unknown landline in Beltsville, D.C., police said. 

North Kingstown Police are investigating the theft of an iPod Touch from a car parked at the Chafee Nature Preserve on Boston Neck Road on June 8.

Police said they were they were called by a Narragansett man and North Kingstown woman who said they were walking on the trail and when they came back 45 minutes later, they saw their front passenger window had been shattered.

The only thing stolen from the car was the iPod, police said.

The victims told police they did see a man sitting near the edge of the parking lot when they arrived. That man was located by police and he said he was waiting for a ride after being abandoned there earlier by friends after a day on a boat. The man said he heard a commotion about 30 minutes earlier, but didn’t look up to investigate.

The commotion consisted of juveniles yelling. He didn’t hear any glass break, but he saw a gray Chevrolet Impala leave the scene at a high rate of speed.

Police are investigating.


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