OMG PD: Running With Scissors

A compilation of the more unique crime stories from around the state.

Running With Scissors

One South Kingstown woman was very eager to make away with some stolen items from Walmart last week. The woman allegedly stole a pair of scissors and face wash – the jury’s still out on whether or not these were complementary purchases – and left the store. Police tried to stop her from leaving the parking lot, but she ignored their attempts and continued onto the highway. She made it a few miles up the road before police blocked her off at an intersection, at which point she pulled off the road and drove up a grass embankment, then jumped out of the car. The 28-year-old woman fought police before they were able to handcuff her.


Cleaning Out the Account

One East Greenwich resident has a little insight into the personal life of the person who stole his debit card information. The man had noticed numerous unauthorized transactions on his account over a span of a few weeks. Apparently, the victim’s bank account wasn’t the only thing this identity thief was attempting to clear out: the alleged thief used the man’s account to buy a natural colon cleanse at the bargain price of $4.95.


Assault and (Low) Battery

We’re not sure what this Woonsocket man would do for a Klondike Bar, but from police reports we now know what he would do for a car charger. The 36-year-old man allegedly became enraged when another man would not let him use his car charger to charge his phone.  When the man returned to his car, he found one of his tires slashed and the suspect walking away from the car, attempting to throw a knife into a garbage can nearby.  When the man confronted the slasher, he allegedly began to brandish the knife “in a threatening manner.” Police took the man into custody and charged him with disorderly conduct, vandalism, and felony assault with a dangerous weapon.


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