OMG PD: Assault Suspect 'Kisses & Tells'

We compile the odd, "oh-my-gosh" worthy news from around the state.

Assault Suspect ‘Kisses & Tells’

One Cranston man apparently doesn’t adhere to the “don’t kiss and tell” mantra when he literally tried to kiss an officer. According to reports, the 50-year-old man assaulted his pregnant girlfriend. When police arrived, he told them his name was Eshu and, according to one officer, “began talking about things that didn’t make sense.” After he allegedly admitted to hitting the woman, officers brought him to the police station, where he refused to get out of the car and instead began blowing kisses at officers. As police attempted to fingerprint the man, he grabbed one officer’s face and tried to kiss him, saying that he needed to “cleanse” the officers. 

Karma or Coincidence?

Earlier this month, a Narragansett man stumbled upon an iPhone while out for a walk and turned it into the police department. The following day the man, Douglas McLaughlin, was elected to the Narragansett Town Council.

You Wouldn’t Like Him When He’s Angry

No one likes to be made fun of – especially one 21-year-old from Middletown who was arrested this week. According to the man, he went to his ex-girlfriend’s house to retrieve some of his belongings and was greeted by her new boyfriend. According to reports, the man “lost control” after the new boyfriend started making fun of him, so he allegedly punched him in the face, threw a chair at him and destroyed a Verizon electrical box. According to the ex-girlfriend, it wasn’t the first time he had “lost control." Two weeks prior, he allegedly choked his ex-girlfriend, though he reportedly told officers that he did not choke her as hard as he could have.

“I’m Going to Find You and Crush You!”

One Newport man was more than displeased with a customer who refused to pay him. According to reports, the customer told police that the Newport man was supposed to do work on his boat but didn’t complete it, thus he did not pay him in full – causing the other man to allegedly send him a few harassing messages and calls. And by few, we mean more than 100 … in less than three days, according to reports. A good portion of those messages came after police warned him to stop contacting the man, to which he replied he would continue to contact the man and didn’t care if he’d be arrested. In one message, the man said, “I’m going to find you and crush you! It may be a day, week or year!”


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