NK Police Log: Multiple DUIs Last Weekend

A look at recent police activity.

Local Man Charged With DUI, Blood Alcohol Content Four Times The Legal Limit

Mark Maroni, 56, of 46 Brenton Court, was arrested last Saturday at 10:36 p.m. on charges of driving under the influence.

Police received a report of a possible intoxicated driver who as “all over the road” on Ten Rod Road. According to police reports, Maroni was drifting across the double yellow line and almost went off the road. After pulling him over, police said Maroni smelled of alcohol and spoke slowly. He said he had not been drinking that night and was returning home from his mother’s house in Narragansett.

After failing the field sobriety test, Maroni’s blood alcohol content tested at .318 and .326, four times the legal limit.

Exeter Man Charged With Third DUI

David Barske, 31, of 3 Pinecrest Drive in Exeter, was arrested at 1:23 a.m. last Saturday on his third driving under the influence charge.

Police received a report of a vehicle that had struck an unoccupied vehicle and fled the scene at 007 Bar & Grille. According to police reports, Barske’s vehicle was swerving in and out of his lane on Post Road when officers caught up to him. Officers activated their emergency lights near Kingstown Plaza, but Barske reportedly did not stop until Namcook Road near .

Barske denied his involvement in the accident at 007. He also alleged he had been at earlier that night, then went on to 007 where he drank three “rum and Cokes.”

Barske was transported to headquarters after failing his field sobriety test. He is charged with his third DUI offense.

Alleged Date At Seven Moons Ends With Arrest

Josef Antinucci, 43, of 50 Liberty Church Road in Exeter, was arrested last Saturday at 1:31 a.m. on charges of driving under the influence.

Police activated emergency lights on Post Road near West Main Street after allegedly observing Antinucci swerve in and out of the southbound lane. Antinucci, who said he did not see the cruiser’s lights, continued on until the Thomas Street area before pulling over.

Antinucci alleged he was leaving where he had drunk a “Manhattan and a sake.” In speaking with police, officers claimed that Antinucci acted agitated and spoke in loud voice. During his field sobriety test, Antinucci allegedly interrupted officers’ instructions by yelling, “This is ridiculous” and “I just went on a date.” 

After failing the field sobriety test, Antinucci was brought to headquarters where his blood alcohol content was measured at .183 and .186 in respective tests.

Two Seekonk Men Arrested After Parking Car In Middle Of Road

Eric Ferreira, 20, of 50 Perry Ave. in Seekonk, and Jacob Najas, 20, of 25 Catalpa St. in Seekonk, were arrested Saturday at 4:55 a.m.

Police initially received a call of a car parked in the middle of Boston Neck Road near Oceanwoods Drive. When officers arrived, they found the driver of the car, Jacob Najas, sitting in the backseat with Ferreira in the front passenger seat. Najas could not explain how he ended up in the back seat. Police arrested Najas after he reportedly admitted to having marijuana on him. Police also found multiple marijuana pipes and smoking device in the vehicle.

After checking Ferreira’s identification, they found he had an active warrant for his arrest out of Fourth District Court for failing to appear for payment review on a driving under the influence charge.

While searching Ferreira, police allegedly found two fake IDs on him — one from New Jersey and one from New York. Both were destroyed.

Najas is charged with possession of marijuana.

The above reports detail arrests made by the North Kingstown Police Department from Feb. 4, through the early morning hours of  Feb. 5 Descriptions of all events are based solely on police officer reports provided to Patch.


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