NK Police Log: Exeter Man Charged With Punching Woman In The Face

A look at recent police activity.

Providence Man Charged With Heroin Possession

Brendan Hindley, 41, of Vernon St. in Providence, was arrested Apr. 21 at 10:26 p.m. on a felony charge of possession of heroin and violating a protective order.

While police checked Hindley’s vehicle after arresting him, they allegedly found a plastic CVS bag inside a baseball glove. Inside the plastic bag, officers found several syringes, a plastic spoon with what appeared to be a light tan powdery substance (which later tested positive for heroin) inside, according to reports.

When police questioned him about the items, Hindley told police he had given a hitchhiker a ride home and let him put a bicycle in the trunk, though police noted that the trunk was filled with closing. He also allegedly added that anything in the black jacket belonged to the hitchhiker. Police did not find a black jacket.


Woman Charged With Stealing Bracelet At Bowling Alley

Dawnmarie Gersuny, 46, of 806 Main St. in West Warwick, was arrested Apr. 22 at 12:53 a.m. on charges of larceny.

Gersuny allegedly stole a gold “hugs and kisses” bracelet with x’s and o’s on it worth $200 at . The bracelet’s owner claimed it fell off while dancing. Gersuny claimed the bracelet as hers after the DJ made an announcement over the microphone.

After viewing footage from a surveillance camera, police confirmed Gersuny was not the bracelet’s owner. As police arrested Gersuny, she denied stealing the bracelet but then later told them, “I can show you where it is. I threw it.”

Gersuny appeared in court later that day.


Police Searching For Daffodil Thief

A Wickford Point resident reported to police that a woman driving a gray Hyundai Elantra had stolen some daffodils from the entrance of the neighborhood on Apr. 21. The resident told officers she went out to speak to the woman to see if she had car trouble. Instead, the resident alleged the woman had a clump of flowers in her hand and a shovel in the other.

According to a member of the Wickford Point Homeowners Association, the neighborhood has been a victim of past multiple vandalisms ot the entrance and theft of shrubbery.

The matter is still under investigation.


NK Man Charged With Drunken Driving After Crashing Into Tree

Brent K. Trainer, Jr., 26, of 602 Lafayette Rd. in North Kingstown, was arrested Apr. 22 at 7:19 p.m. on charges of drunken driving and refusing to submit to a chemical test.

Police responded to the area of West Allenton Road and Butternut Drive after receiving reports that a car had struck a tree. Neither Trainer (the driver) nor his passenger were hurt, although Trainer allegedly told police that his head hurt from being “punched in the face” by the air bag.

Due to his behavior and mannerisms, police asked Trainer if he has been drinking. According to Trainer, he drank three beers after finishing work and before driving home.

After failing his sobriety test, Trainer was brought into headquarters where he refused to take a breathalyzer test.

He is set to appear in Fourth District Court on May 10.


Exeter Man Charged With Punching Woman In The Face

David Barske, 31, of 3 Pinecrest Drive in Exeter, was arrested Apr. 22 at 7:33 p.m on assault charges.

Barske’s victim, a 33-year-old woman from North Kingstown, claimed she had met Barske at 007 Bar & Grille on Apr. 2 with a group of friends. Afterward, the group went to a friend’s house in West Warwick where Barske became “enraged and slammed his head through a wall in one of the bedrooms,” according to reports. The woman told police that, when she and others tried to calm him, he punched her in the face.

While driving Barske back to his house in North Kingstown, the woman told police Barske began to brag that he was “mafia.” The woman told Barske she didn’t care, which allegedly prompted him to punch her again when they were driving down Route 403 in North Kingstown. (She was later diagnosed by doctors at Kent County Hospital with a bruised jaw.) Barske was then dropped off at his house on Camp Avenue, where he was.

Barske was released on $1,000 personal recognizance. He is set to appear in Fourth District Court on May 10.


Other Arrests…

  • Justin Latham, 22, of 1405 Main St. in West Warwick, was arrested Apr. 23 at 6:08  a.m. following a warrant for his arrest. Police received a call from a resident on Oak Hill Road claiming there was an intoxicated man bleeding in her front yard. Police identified the man as Latham and, after checking his identification, found he had a warrant out of West Warwick for failing to return rental property. Latham refused to tell police where he had been or explain his injuries, according to police. He was transported to Kent County Hospital for treatment.
  • Stewart Charles Rush, 41, of 9 Yorktown Rd. in North Kingstown was arrested Apr. 22 at 8:06 p.m. on charges of domestic vandalism and disorderly conduct. Rush allegedly broke a door after an argument with a woman.
  • Glenn Paul Gadrow, 47, of 690 Lafayette Rd. in North Kingstown, was arrested Apr. 20 at 8:05 p.m. on charges of violating a no-contact order.


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