NK Police Log: DUI Suspect Drove With Flat Tires, Open Trunk

The following information was supplied by the North Kingstown Police Department. Where arrests or charges are mentioned, it does not indicate a conviction.

DUI Suspect Drove With Two Flat Tires, Open Trunk

Kiffin Charles Ward, 19, of 55 Cranston Circle in North Kingstown was arrested Aug. 10 at 2:46 a.m. on charges of drunken driving, refusal to submit to a chemical test, possession of marijuana and cited for possession of an alcoholic beverage by an underage person and driving in possession of a controlled substance.

When police found Ward, his car had two flat tires on opposite ends of the vehicle (the rear passenger side tire and the front driver’s side tires were both flat), his trunk was open and there was grass and dirt caught in several parts of the car. Ward allegedly told police that the “wheels suddenly went flat.” Ward allegedly denied that he had been in an accident or had hit anything, could not explain why his trunk was open and initially denied drinking any alcohol that evening.

One officer smelled alcohol on Ward’s breath and asked him again if he had been drinking, to which he allegedly replied “only two.” As Ward made his way to the rear of the vehicle to take his field sobriety test, the officer allegedly smelled another odor – marijuana – prompting the officer to ask Ward If he had smoked pot that night. According to Ward, he had taken “two hits” at his friend Jarred’s house earlier that night.

After allegedly failing his field sobriety test, officers placed Ward under arrest and did an inventory of his car – reportedly finding marijuana and a brownie (which later tested positive for marijuana) in a clear plastic bag, an open beer bottle, a sealed beer bottle and a red Dixie cup. According to police, the brownie weighed 14 grams while the marijuana in the bag weighed 35.52 grams.

He is scheduled for arraignment in Third District Court on Aug. 21.

Cocaine Found in DUI Suspect's Car  

Brian E. Fracassa, 44, of 936 Williamsburg Circle in Warwick was arrested Aug. 12 at 9:46 p.m. on charges of drunken driving, a felony charge of possession of a controlled substance and violations for refusing to submit to a chemical test and driving in possession of a controlled substance.

Another driver called police after allegedly seeing Fracassa swerving through Wickford Village. When police pulled Fracassa over, he allegedly could not find the necessary paperwork nor his license and asked if he could check the trunk. (Fracassa had reportedly just purchased the car.) According to reports, he was leaving his sister’s in Bonnet Shores and heading home to Warwick. He allegedly told officers he had two glasses of wine that night.

Another officer at the scene allegedly saw a bag with a white powdery substance inside on the center console of the car. When the officer asked Fracassa what was in the bag, he allegedly answered “What’s what?” and pulled the cup holder forward to partially block it.

According to reports, Fracassa also failed his field sobriety test. Police placed him under arrest for suspicion of drunken driving and took an inventory of his car, allegedly finding an ice cold open can of Coors Light beer and a bottle of Dewar’s White Label scotch whiskey.

At headquarters, Fracassa allegedly denied having any knowledge about the open beer can in his car. According to reports, the white powdery substance tested positive for cocaine – weighing in at 1.11 grams.

SK Teen Arrested on the Way to Petco 

William Joseph Murphy, 19, of 481 Old North St. in South Kingstown was arrested Aug. 13 at 9:20 p.m. on charges of possession of marijuana.

According to reports, Murphy and his friends were on their way to Petco in Warwick when they were pulled over for speeding. During the traffic stop, police allegedly smelled marijuana and told the trio the car would need to be searched. Upon hearing this, Murphy allegedly said, “Want me to just give it to you?” and pulled out two marijuana cigarettes from the passenger-side console. 

Other Arrests...

Joseph Lambert, 35, of 200 Yorktown Rd. in North Kingstown was arrested Aug. 8 at 12:20 a.m. on charges of driving with a suspended license.

Edward J. Varone, 24, of 68 Merle St. in Warwick was arrested Aug. 8 at 4:30 p.m. on charges of driving with a suspended license. He is scheduled for arraignment in Third District Court on Aug. 28.


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