Judge Rules Against Town In NK Firefighter Case

But he stays the ruling pending review by the state Supreme Court.

Kent County Courthouse. Credit: kent.countycriminal.com
Kent County Courthouse. Credit: kent.countycriminal.com

North Kingstown firefighters got just about everything they could want from Superior Court Judge Brian Stern’s ruling Monday over the Town of North Kingstown’s imposition of a 24-hour shift schedule in 2011. Stern ruled the town was wrong when it said negotiations were at an impasse and it had the right to unilaterally impose a new 24-hour shift schedule on the NK Fire IAFF Local1651.

Stern read highlights from his 54-page decision for more than 30 minutes. But at the end of his recitation, he said he was staying the ruling (delaying its imposition) pending review of the entire matter by the state Supreme Court. In other words, nothing immediate will happen to reverse the shift schedule as a result of Stern’s ruling.

The town imposed the 24-hour shift schedule on firefighters in January 2012, citing potential savings of $1 million the first year. Under the system, firefighters work 24 hours on, 48 hours off. Before that, they had worked two 10-hour days and two 10-hour nights, with four days off.

The town had argued it was able to impose the schedule because contract negotiations were at an impasse.

Judge Stern, alternatively, said state law prohibits the town from declaring an impasse and acting unilaterally.

“There’s no opt-out of mandatory binding arbitration,” he said Monday.

“Obviously, we’re incredibly happy with the result,” said union head Ray Furtado at the courthouse following the ruling. “It’s pretty clear that it reinforces our position all along. The town bargained in bad faith…. We’re hopeful that it does lead them back to the table, to bargain in good faith on a resolution to this whole situation.”

By Monday evening, Town Council President Liz Dolan had not yet been able to review the ruling – no town officials were at the courthouse when the decision was handed down – but she said Judge Stern’s ruling was not unexpected.

“What we expected was an adverse decision,” she said. “Ultimately it will be up to the Supreme Court.”

In December 2012, Stern ruled that the town did not have the right to implement a 24-hour work shift for its firefighters without first negotiating or winning in arbitration. He notably ordered town officials to "unring the bell" on the change in wages, hours and other work conditions that had been implemented earlier that year.

In February 2013, the town appealed that decision to the state Supreme Court and in May, that court stayed the Superior Court’s ruling to “unring the bell” until the larger issues were decided. Meanwhile, the union filed complaints of unfair labor practices with the state Labor Relations Board (LRB). In September, the LRB ruled in favor of the firefighters. The town appealed that ruling and sought a stay in its implementation; the stay was granted. Meanwhile, the various filings were combined into one case. Stern’s ruling Monday addressed that case.

The case will now go to the Supreme Court, which could issue a ruling by June. 

Meanwhile, Furtado said the union had met with the town twice already to discuss the 2014-15 collective bargaining agreement. 

"We’ve had two meetings and the last offer from the union to the town would bring this to a conclusion. It would return us to our safer shifts. It would erase close to $2 million in damages that are currently owed to us in back wages. We’re willing to make that sacrifice just to get this behind us and to move forward together as a community," he said. "We’re willing to make that sacrifice just to get this behind us and to move forward together as a community." Ed. Note: this paragraph was amended Jan. 7, 7:50 a.m. 

The union estimates the town owes its members $2.8 million in back wages. Furtado said with the 12 percent interest decreed by the LRB, the total is in the mid-$3 million range.

The case now goes to the Supreme Court, which could rule by June.

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wickchevy January 09, 2014 at 11:12 AM
Concerned. if you are such a concerned resident why is the only thing you ever comment on in your history only under Firefighter columns? Is it because you hate Firefighters? Please don't take my word for it look at your history. Were there not other columns you were concerned with in the past? FYI... Yes i live in NK and am a Firefighter in another Community.
wickchevy January 09, 2014 at 11:15 AM
What…. come on you don't care whats happening in the TOWN you just want to see the Firefighters get hurt….. you are a fraud… What you couldn't pass the test? what is it really?? its not taxes or we would see your name more often. its not because you care about the town or we would see your name more often??
Concerned Resident January 09, 2014 at 11:51 AM
wicky, I care about north kingstown making many positive contributions to the town. Besides wanting more what have you done for the town?? it is childish comments such as yours that shows much. I suggest you look at my previous posts to see why I have responded the way I have. I want to see ff get hurt?? where have I ever indicated that?? another childish rubbish post by you, please grow up stopping this imature poor me attitude.
NK January 11, 2014 at 05:21 PM
CR: how much do you pay in taxes yearly to the town? I'm just curious the amount that you passionately post about. I love your enthusiasm.
wickchevy January 20, 2014 at 09:52 AM
Right NK... CR wants us to look at the Police for their contribution. OK I will its a good organization with a STARTING salary of 46k a year plus bennifits (help wanted in Sundays pro.Jo.) that's more than a top step Firefighter.. so again its not the taxes! Its not the $1.00 a day cost of having a Firedept. Its about your hate weight.....


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