Hummel Report Tackles NK Firefighters' 24-Hour Shift Debate

Investigative report Jim Hummel reports on the recently instituted 24-hour for the North Kingstown Fire Department.

The controversial 24-hour work shifts for North Kingstown firefighters just got the Hummel Report treatment. 

Investigative reporter Jim Hummel, formerly of ABC6-TV, has produced an in-depth piece on the 's new work schedule which was . The decision moved firefighters from 10- and 14-hour shifts to a 24-hour shift, reduced the number of platoons from four to three and added 14 hours to firefighters' weekly schedules. 

According to North Kingstown's fire union (Local 1651) president Ray Furtado, the department is too understaffed – resulting in firefighters working in excess of 24 hours. 

Town Manager Michael Embury, who also appears in Hummel's piece, says that the move will save the town a substantial amount of money and avoid deep cuts in other areas. 

Along with Furtado and Embury, Town Councilor Charles Brennan is featured in Hummel's piece. Brennan, who has opposed the 24-hour shift, was on the losing end of the 3-2 vote that was passed earlier this year.

Click here for the full story by The Hummel Report.

JB September 15, 2012 at 01:04 PM
Watching this video puts a lot in perpspective I think. Chuck Brennan's interview seems to really tell the real story of what going on. After all he is not running again and can tell it like it is. If the firefighters really offered big savings and the Town Council is spending all this money on a "test case" as mr. Embury puts it, what is the point. And if the safety claims are accurate and people are really working that much as futado claims then how doesthis town council let this situation continue? We shouldn't be spending all this money on a test case for everyone else. This is politics at its worst. Watching all the interviews its pretty clear its not about the money anymore if it ever was. And we're caught in the middle. Just great. I wish people like Chuck were running again, we need more rational thinkers like him making these kinds of decisions.
Rhodeyresident0303 October 06, 2012 at 03:47 PM
any word with what is going on with the fire department ?? i have heard around town that the fire department is going to hire new firefighters soon! can you find out Samantha ?


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