DUI Suspect Arrested after Crash

Police said Robert Andrew Rossi, 26, told the arresting officer that his dad works for the Sheriff's Department and he and his lawyers would "ruin" the officer's life.

A 26-year-old North Kingstown man is facing charges of driving under the influence after he reportedly crashed into a boulder on Austin Road around 2 a.m. Feb. 28.

Police said Andrew Robert Rossi, 26, of 100 Apple Tree Court, North Kingstown, was drunk when he crashed into a large boulder off the roadway, seriously damaging the front end of his 2012 Toyota.

Rossi reportedly denied drinking and said he swerved to avoid a deer, but police said he failed a field sobriety test.

It was then that Rossi reportedly became combative and told the arresting officer that he'd sue because the cuffs were too tight and then said he would "have my job and his father who works for the sheriff's department, along with his lawyers, would ruin my life," according to a police report.

Rossi was reportedly abusive and combative at the hospital, where he was treated for minor injuries that he sustained in the crash.

Along with the DUI charge, police charged rossi with refusing a chemical test and a warrant issued out of Third Division District Court.

Court records show it was Rossi's second DUI offense and he was released on surety bail. He is due to return to court on Thursday for a status conference.
MeanE March 07, 2014 at 11:47 AM
@Colette - Nobody asked you to be judge and jury. The Patch provides information, some of which you don't like. Others of us prefer to be informed of all the happenings around us, including the bad choices of people in our community. Once again, you have a choice, don't follow the Patch on FB if you can't handle the "sensational advertising" that appeared as: 26-year-old NK man charged with DUI threatens to ruin the life of the arresting officer with help from his dad, who works for the Sheriff's Department. STORY:, the horror!
highflyer March 07, 2014 at 08:30 PM
Let's review 2nd dui charge, accident which results in property damage to an innocent victim's property, thanks to the gods of fate it wasn't a head on crash that killed some innocent victim, typical RI verbal crap about their connections and so on and so on. Isn't it time for the public to stand up and shout ENOUGH of this bs! To demand that these irresponsible louts be held accountable to the FULL extent of the law. @CMP STOP making excuses for these people who scorn the simple rights of others to live peaceably out of harms way! STOP excusing their grossly irresponsible behavior! You are symptomatic of the many ills that this country labors under! The insolence of his remarks and his disregard for others is reason enough to bury him under the full weight of the statutes. The statutes should be made to be more punitive for these people who thumb their noses at the rest of us law abiding citizens. Until we as a people start to realize that "understanding and counseling" will not correct anything we will continue to be victims of dolts like this irresponsible adult!


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