7 Rescued After Boat Runs Aground Off Prudence Island

Six of the seven were injured and were taken by rescue to area hospitals.

NK Fire's marine rescue unit led in the rescue of 7 people from a boat that ran aground off Prudence Island Saturday night.
NK Fire's marine rescue unit led in the rescue of 7 people from a boat that ran aground off Prudence Island Saturday night.
A 28-foot boat ran aground off Prudence Island Saturday night, injuring six of the seven people aboard, according to the NK Fire Department. 

The NKFD got a call at 10:10 p.m. Saturday. Prudence Island is part of Portsmouth, but because the NKFD's marine unit was the first boat on the scene, they took charge. Marine units from East Greenwich, Warwick, Cranston, Portsmouth, Prudence Island, and U.S. Coast Guard also responded.

The people on the boat – a 28-foot Pursuit – were taken to Little Allen's Harbor in Davisville, where the six who were injured were taken by rescues from North Kingstown, East Greenwich, Warwick, Narragansett and Exeter.

"Patients suffered traumatic injuries – chest injuries, facial injuries, neck and back injuries," said NK Deputy Fire Chief Scott Kettelle early Sunday morning. Three of the more seriously injured were taken to Rhode Island Hospital. The other three were taken to Kent Hospital. 

Kettelle said it's unclear why the boat ran aground or why so many of the people on board were injured. The incident is being investigated by Rhode Island Dept. of Environmental Management. 

No names of those on the boat have been released.

Mark Williams September 01, 2013 at 06:20 AM
Wonder if the captain of that boat had proper charts, etc. Can't fool around on the water, especially at night
Don't be fatuous September 08, 2013 at 06:30 PM
"Captain" might be the wrong term here... Unskilled, bad boat driver might be more appropriate.... Look at a chart.... The passage between Prudence Island and Patience Island is tight shoal water... At night, at some speed (witness the extent of the injuries). You cannot call this an accident... at best, one might suggest that the "Captain" was lost... and therefore... negligent.


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