Slow Down for the safety of the children

Sorry, going to vent a bit.
If you want to drive like a crazy person on a road with small children getting ready to get on the school bus go do it in your own neighborhood. How would you like it if I drove 45 -50 mph on your road on a road which is 25 mph.  I am sure you would report me. Well, I reported you. Road Rage is not excepted on any roads. If you running late then so be it. You are putting the lives of everyone around you in jeopardy. Passing on a no passing road. Please think before you get behind the wheel of your car. Think of your husband, wife, children, sister, brother, grandchildren and so on. Think of them before you try and put others in harms way. I'm thinking you want the best for them like, I do for my children. Things have to change for the safety of our children. Watch out Claire Dunphy is on the move now..
Thank you


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