Running the NK5K? Do It With Patch!

I'm running the NK5K this year for the first time ever. Join me for my training with the YMCA and blog about it!

I made two New Year’s resolutions this year. The first was to stop buying Nutella every time it went on sale at . Since I already broke that resolution, I have to uphold the second – to run the . And I mean actually run it – not do my goofy hybrid of a skip/jog and hop it on when I got tired or bored.

For the hundreds who run this race every year, it seems like a piece of cake. Not for this editor. I go to the gym regularly, but pretty much exclusively use the arc trainer and bike for my cardio needs. (I have bad knees, so I view the treadmill and all running in general as a demon harbinger of pain.) Aside from the gym, my exercise regimen consists of retail therapy and unloading the dishwasher.

When I say I’m not a runner, I truly mean it. There are probably a slew of others just like me out there in North Kingstown who year after year come up with excuses to not run in the NK5K. Well, this year I’m done with my lame excuses (ex. “The dog ate my running shoes,” “I don’t want people to see me all sweaty,” etc.) and will don a bib number for the first time in my life.

For those who have also made excuses to not run/walk in the NK5K year after year, I challenge you to join me. If you feel the task is way out of your fitness range, just remember: I’m the chick who thinks unloading the dishwasher is exercise and even I’m going to run in this year’s race.

Admittedly, I’m getting a little – okay, a lot – of help from the folks at . They’re putting on an eight-week program called – whether you’re walking it or running it. The group meets every Saturday morning from 9 to 10 a.m., culminating on race day on Sept. 8. The cost is $56 for the entire program, but does not include the entry fee for the race. They promised me they could get me to finish the 5K (which is about 3.1 miles), so I’m holding them to it.

Another thing I’m doing to better my odds is to document my training on North Kingstown Patch to hold myself accountable. (If I get lazy, then you all can call me out on it. Savvy?)

Which brings me to my offer to any interested runners/walkers: who wants to do it with me? I’m looking for about two to four people who want to do the Couch to 5K program with me, document the process on Patch and have an awesome time doing it.

NK Patch will be offering some free swag to anyone who volunteers to do the program and blog with me. If you’re interested, shoot me an email at samantha.turner@patch.com. It’ll be first come, first serve, however.

seed and soil July 18, 2012 at 02:05 PM
Thank you Samantha for your support of the NK5k. As a member of the planning board, we work hard all year long to make this event something special for the community. This past year we broke all attendence and intake records, making it possible for us to offer tremendous support for all manor of student engagement and development efforts. The funds raised boost the efforts of many, many athletic ans extra cirricular activites and endeavors. From arts, theater, new clubs, health related equipment, sports extras - all not covered by the ever shrinking NKSD budgets, the NK5k is essential to ensuring the BEST possible educational experience and environment for NK middle school and high school students. We'll look forward to reading along with you as you take on this challenge!


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