North Kingstown's Old Town Hall

What in the world are we doing with this run down building that has been moved from the Cranston/Murphy Funeral Home to Wickford Elementary School. This building is in such disrepair it is an eye sore and a joke. I cannot understand why we are investing any money into the repair of this "Historic Building". By the time they are finished replacing all the rotted wood, we could have built a new building because that is essentially what it will be. I guess the bigger question is for what purpose are we trying to save this structure. The Declaration of Independence was not signed there last time I check. What will it be used for? Certainly not an "Historic Site", after all the rebuilding it will take to keep it together. I find it very troubling that a Town that plans to ask home owners to pay to get sewer lines run down their streets, instead of a connection fee and annual usage assessment, can waste money on such a money pit.
betsysteinman January 21, 2014 at 07:53 AM
The old town hall reminds me of most of the homes on Main Street in the 40's. they are a great addition to wickford now.
NK Edge January 21, 2014 at 07:26 PM
The building has been left open to the elements for at least 3 months since they moved it and who knows how long before then! What purpose will it be used for? How much is it costing the taxpayers to piece it back together? I'm sure it will look fantastic for the back drop of this "Wonderful Boutique Hotel", that is supposedly going to be at the Wicford Elementary School right next to the sewage pumping station. Outstanding!!!!


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