Letter to the Editor: HistWick Asks NK to Vote 'No' on Question 3

HistWick President Mike Dacey urges voters to vote no on question three in tomorrow's special election.

On Tuesday, Sept. 13, the Town of North Kingstown will ask voters to vote on three questions: two (Questions #2 and #3) will concern the Wickford Elementary School property.

Question # 2 asks approval to finance $3.85 million for reuse of Wickford Elementary School (WES) for a . I write on behalf of the board of Historic Wickford, Inc. We are concerned that two historic structures in Wickford Village will become vacant if this plan to relocate the is approved. While we believe that the relocation and consolidation project could benefit the town, we cannot support the referendum until the following questions are answered.

  • What will become of the two vacated buildings? The on Boston Neck Road and the on Brown Street are iconic, historic buildings that have served the public well, and are recognized statewide as significant historic structures.
  • What will be the net impact of two vacant buildings on town finances? What will be the costs and benefits of the two options - selling or leasing these unused buildings?
  • How much will it cost to maintain these buildings while awaiting new occupants?
  • What will happen to their historic value should the buildings be sold?

In response to our inquiries, the town indicated that they hope to lease the buildings. However, bonding for the proposed conversion of WES includes no provision for financing the costs associated with establishing reuses of these venerable and worthy buildings that contribute to the historic and cultural character of North Kingstown.  

Question # 3 on the ballot will be: Yes/No allow North Kingstown Town Council to sell the former Wickford Elementary School. 

We encourage you to vote NO on Question #3, the sale of the Wickford Elementary School property. We believe that the sale of this strategically located property, which is of great historic significance, and has potential future benefit to our community, is unwise, short-sighted and unsupportable. 

We are equally concerned that voters will be asked to vote on a proposed conversion project that does not include a viable reuse plan for our invaluable historic buildings, and ask you to seriously consider this omission when voting. 


Respectfully submitted,


Historic Wickford, Inc.

Michael J. Dacey, President

Govstench September 13, 2011 at 05:00 PM
There is supposed to be a North Kingstown Taxpayer Group headed by a McGwin. There has been no comment from that group on these bond issues. If that is supposed to be viable taxpayer group, there should be some comment as it does impact the taxpayers of this town. Where are they?
Midlife Momma September 13, 2011 at 07:38 PM
When Muriel Camarra was the head of the NKTO, the taxpayer org. you are refering to Govstench, she was always on top of educating the public about whatever bond was up for a vote. Whether the group backed a bond not, she was a person who stood for being informed. This NKTO, with McGwin as the head, is nothing more than something he uses as a title for himself...."NKTO President".....what the heck does that mean??!! Too bad McGwin and company didnt say ANYTHING about this bond-the group should have at least made people aware of the voting day......
mark henricks September 13, 2011 at 08:05 PM
the old town hall is obsolete. i'd rather see the town hall and school dept in the new renovated building. i would like to see the building remain with the town. but if question 2 is voted no then i voted yes on 3. the building will only continue to deteriorate.
Govstench September 13, 2011 at 10:06 PM
That is too bad. This is a good sounding board for this group to come out on. I believe the taxpayers will get it right but it draws serious questions as to the validity of this group.
NK WATCH September 14, 2011 at 02:42 AM
Midlife momma, Mcgwin is nothing more than a blow hard, he has no ideas of his own and does nothing but sit back and critizes other peoples ideas. He's too spineless to challenge his beloved town council.......he didn't say boo about the windmill or the other bond referendums last year......Mcgwin wouldn't have been good enough to shine murial's shoes!


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