Letter To The Editor: Deny "The Preserve At Rolling Greens"

Two North Kingstown residents voice their opinion on the controversial proposal for a village center on Route 102.

Dear Planning Director and Planning Commission Members,

We are totally incredulous that the application for  “The Preserve at Rolling Greens”  is still ongoing and being considered. Did we not learn anything from our recent (and still ongoing) That being:

  1. Its neighbors DO NOT WANT IT!
  2. It is versus our comprehensive plan!
  3. It is versus our zoning code!
  4. It violates our groundwater protection requirements!
  5. Besides allowing more residences than allowed in our residential zones, allowing commercial properties is ridiculous considering the vacant commercial properties that exist in Wickford Junction and the Stop & Shop plaza on Rt. 102, as well as the numerous ones that line Post Road.
  6. Finally, do we really need the threat of more litigation versus the town, like that which we most assuredly will be facing over the wind turbines? Besides affecting the health of our residents, isn’t that possible if our ground water gets contaminated?

We wholeheartedly agree with Gardner Palmer, who questions the creation of a whole new zoning district, and with Jeff Michaelson, who very astutely asked “Are we tailoring the ordinance to the application?” We urge you to listen to the residents whom you represent and deny “The Preserve at Rolling Greens.”


Ralph & Edris Crockford

359 Laurel Ridge Lane

Scott Madison July 08, 2011 at 03:27 PM
Excellent letter. When is the town going to realize that changing the town's comprehensive plan, zoning, and ordinances to satisfy the needs of developers over the desires of its residents is usually a recipe for disaster? Why is history repeating itself so soon (Wind Turbines)?
Richard July 08, 2011 at 09:08 PM
I concur with the letter written. Scott the only way the town of NK is going to take control will be when the residents decide that the control of the town has been lost to outsiders. By that I mean, people who have moved into town in the last few years, out of state transplants who have been on a campaign to dismantle NK and turn it into another Rt. 2 like Warwick. NK is also being controlled by Dept. heads who for the most part, do not live in town. Generally speaking the officialdom of NK will not butt heads with anyone for fear of being sued. The collective wisdom of both the TC & SC has given NK many headaches. As a longtime resident of NK I am fed up with it, it is not acceptable. It is high time that the taxpayers/voters of NK realize that both parties are basically the same and we the taxpayers get the same result. Maybe it is time for the true independents(in both parties) to form their own party, run good candidates, take back the town from the outsiders and restore some semblance of balance and calm to a very choppy pond. None of this means that change does not happen, that is inevitable. But it does mean that a large dose of living in the real world for both the TC & SC must be implemented. In my conversations with many good, caring residents of NK they are unhappy with the direction of the town. They are frustrated and lament the same concerns that you have expressed. When you drive down Post Rd. do you like what you see? If not you know what has to be done.
Edris Crockford July 22, 2011 at 12:04 AM
We would like to clarify our opinion concerning Rolling Greens. What we object to is that the proposal is for a mixed-use village center which does not conform to our comprehensive plan & zoning ordinance. They are working to create a new zoning district which would allow the applicant to go around our existing plan & ordinance. Further, if adopted, it would open up numerous sites in town to similar development, many of which may be undesirable! One member expressed his concern that he didn't feel comfortable getting "this thing into the shape that it would have to be in to satisfy other projects that might want to take advantage of it." Also, such a drastic change should include input from the community. The overwhelming opinion of a survey conducted of abutters & neighboring property was that the property should NOT be developed as mixed-use. So...why did the PC decide to create a new ordinance that would accomodate the applicant's proposal? The same question was raised by another PC member when he asked:"Are we tailoring the ordinance to the application?" Also, the PC members seemed to be quite concerned about potential effluent problems, since the property is in a groundwater overlay district. One of the members concluded (and all seemed to agree) that "if it fails, it's a disaster!" Therefore, we urge the PC to cease work on a new CVD ordinance...any development at Rolling Greens should be approved or denied under existing zoning and ordinances.


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