Public Assistance

I have a solution for Rhode Islanders that collect food stamps, and welfare, to pay the tax payers back for their generosity.  If they're not going to work,  and rely on others to put food on their table,  and a roof over their head.   There should be  mandatory public service for these individuals.  They can clean parks,  beaches,  public rest rooms,  pick up trash,  paint public buildings,  etc,  etc.  This way they are productive members of society earning their keep.  They will also feel better about themselves,  and perhaps develop the motivation to get jobs.

Mike Burt May 01, 2014 at 07:38 AM
I guess it is true that ignorance breeds contempt. Lets put this to the test. Lets go to Crossroads RI (where they do pay rent by the way) and tell those that are there that they need a job. What you will hear is that they already (for the most part) will be already working. They might not be the best jobs but jobs all the same. Next, lets look at who is actually utilizes these services. One of the fastest growing populations are seniors who cannot afford food (ever hear the term "it was either eat or get my medication"). Using your solution, we should simply get them off the Medicaid roles and get them out of their wheelchairs and become greeters at Walmart? I will warn you that those jobs are pretty highly coveted by the seniors who already have them so you may want to look else where. The next population: Single women with children. First I will say that not (there are always exceptions) all but most are trying as hard as they can to simply keep their head above water after abandoning abusive situations, divorce with no absentee fathers who do not pay child support. But forget about addressing the root cause for a moment. Let's get these "gals" out and doing mandatory public service so they can "feel better about themselves". I'm sure this will go a long way. By the way, who is going to oversee the public service and make sure they are doing it? I guess we will need a new area of the government to oversee this public service! How does that align with your thinking? The fact is that public assistance makes up 16% of the overall aid provided to Americans (2010 census). The highest % of public aid budget falls under Medicaid (26%) so are you willing to throw granny out of her nursing home? Are you willing to pull life support for a 12 year old cancer patient without the means to pay? Until you are willing to truly address the underlying drivers for the current issues we face these will never go away and you (or people like you) will post this same absurd editorial every six months thinking that because Fox News said it, it must be true.
Politics Sheriff of NK May 01, 2014 at 03:03 PM
Great post Mike.
Bill G May 02, 2014 at 10:15 AM
What jobs are left in RI besides Burger King and Walmart? The sad state of affairs has been perpetrated by over 40 years of one party rule by " the party of the people" . Now we are reaping the whirlwind.
Mike Burt May 02, 2014 at 10:21 AM
While I agree that the "party rule" has contributed greatly to this, my contention has always been that the founding fathers never intended to have just 2 parties. I have lived in NJ, NH and RI and in each state, the same thing has been said. What if there was a third (or forth) viable party? The reason - as it always is - is money. We have sold our political, ideological and constitutional souls to the devil and in turn end up in more polar opposition than ever.


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