Finding "Home"

A recent first-time excursion to the beautiful town of Wickford filled me with wonder and absolute delight.  That was not unexpected because as a recent transplant from down south (Maryland) I have been consistently captivated by the wonderful New England experience.  What I did not expect was to be overwhelmed to the point of tears that I had somehow found "home" !  I wasnt looking for it, but as in all great finds, I didnt find it, it found me. 
The town is amazing, filled with wonderful charm and history, shops and eateries and most of all, with truly friendly and polite people.  I think I mentioned before that I am a bit of a southerner and although New England had thus far sold me with it's charming good looks, until I went to Wickford the one thing I had missed was the warmth and hospitality I knew further south.  Most people were just not very polite or friendly.  But now I see it is because they did not have the good fortune to live in Wickford.  Who wouldn't be happy here ?
So our new quest is to find a wonderful, charming and warm apartment to rent here in Wickford, not a house, but a place my spouse and I can make a home to live out the newest chapter in our lives....retirement.  Wish us well in our search and hopefully we will soon call you neighbor !  Linda Valliere


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