Two Essential Ways To Save Money This New Year

Attorney Mike Bottaro offers two simple yet essential ways to save money in 2014 and ensure financial stability.

So 2013 has been named the year of the “selfie.”  We can take that, good-naturedly, as an indication of an increased tendency towards self-obsession in society. Perhaps there is an element of truth to that, but it might be more positive and productive to think of the ability to take control of your own image, and not needing to be at the mercy of a patient photographer, as a parallel to the importance of being self-reliant in as many aspects of your life as possible.  

Times constantly change and bring opportunities to re-evaluate the way we spend money. The beginning of a new year is always a great time to make resolutions and identify areas of your life where you might take the initiative to become healthier not only in your personal life but in your financial house as well. 

One of the biggest changes of 2014 is the existence of the Affordable Care Act.  Wherever you stand on this act, few argue with the concept that we should take charge of the responsibility for our health, and for having health insurance when our health fails us. Perfect or not, the act is a law. If you have not already done so, know your choices, know the penalties, and make sure you spend an adequate amount of time picking the plan that’s right for you

If you are trying to tighten the belt in other ways, technology is also changing at such lightning speed these days that the possibility for more choices, and thus savings, is much more prevalent.  As an example, lower cost alternatives to cable, like Netflix and Hulu, just might serve your purposes well without sacrificing the pleasure of watching the movies and TV shows to which you are accustomed. 

Our Rhode Island law firm is suiting up for the change in the New Year. We have invested in new renovations for our office and have made preparations to adapt to the change to come in 2014. Planning ahead is planning smart. 

Mike Bottaro is founder of The Bottaro Law Firm, a Rhode Island personal injury law firm.


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