Pet of the Week: Four Kittens Looking for a Home

After a rough start in life, these kittens are ready for a loving home.

This group of kittens arrived at the after a fairly rough start in life. Only a few weeks old, a group of four kittens was brought to the refuge after their mother was struck by a car. All of them were in rough shape, says members of the Pet Refuge.

The four kittens needed extra care, so much so that they were housed by a foster family while regaining their health. Now, they're completely healthy and ready to start a new life.

Of the four siblings that came together, three remain (Stacy, Lauri and Marty) and are now joined with another kitten (Lucy) from a separate litter. As for personalities, these kittens couldn't be more different. Stacy and Lucy seem to be more mellow, preferring to sit in the corner and wait for you to pet them Marty and Lauri, on the other hand, have no qualms with running right up to your and seizing your love and attention.

The four kittens are 12 weeks old, neutered and spayed and up to date on all shots.

Want to adopt any of these kittens? Contact the Pet Refuge at 401-294-1115.


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