And The Winner Of Wickford's Holiday Window Contest Is ...

Beauty and the Bath! But, as one window decorator said, when the town looks so beautiful, everybody wins.

The winning window, starring Templeton the goat, at Beauty and the Bath.
The winning window, starring Templeton the goat, at Beauty and the Bath.
When it comes to Wickford Village's holiday window contest, we are all winners, since we all get to experience the beauty and ingenuity of those who create the scenes. But, of course, there is a winner every year. 

This year's winner was Beauty and the Bath.

"Our window was definitely a labor of love, reminding people to not only shop local – but shop locally made, said Lori Lyons via email. "We decided to tie it all in together and promote our popular goat milk soaps and scrubs made at Reynolds Barn right here in North Kingstown."

Lyons made "Templeton," the goat, herself. Check out this video to see the goat in action

Second place winner was The Wickford Collection, with just a lot of beautiful traditional decorations, and third place was Shaggy Chic, with the biggest dog in town. 

Judging took place Wednesday evening. The winners were announced at the tree lighting ceremony Thursday evening. One judge said the duty was something of a labor of love.

“It’s a great night to spend with friends and support the Wickford community and get in the holiday spirit," said Kriss Auger, in her second year as a judge for the contest.

"Everyone’s so competitive and all you win are bragging rights, which are fiercely fought for – everybody wants to win," said Noel Van Keuren, who works at A Different Drummer and is one of that store's main window designers/laborers.

"But really I think what everyone loves the most about it ... is that the town looks beautiful. Everyone tries so hard to make their windows look gorgeous and everybody wins," she said.


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