Gamba To Run Again For Rep. Dist. 32 Seat

She lost in to Laurence Ehrhardt in the Republican primary in 2012.

Sharon Gamba. Credit: Sharon Gamba
Sharon Gamba. Credit: Sharon Gamba

Republican Sharon Gamba announced this week she is running for state representative for Dist. 32, the seat now held by Democrat Robert Craven. Gamba ran for the same seat in 2012, losing in the GOP primary against then-incumbent Laurence Ehrhardt by 18 votes.

Ehrhardt went on to lose to Craven by a 600-vote margin.

“The past two years have been frustrating for me but they have also been very motivating,” said Gamba in a press release. “Since the election of 2012, I have spent a significant amount of time studying and working on issues that matter most to the people of North Kingstown. As vice chairwoman of the North Kingstown Republican Party, I have gained greater insight into many of the issues that face North Kingstown and Rhode Island.”

Gamba and her husband own Cranston Collision Center. She also owns Once in a Blue Moon Antiques on Post Road in North Kingstown. It’s that business experience she said would be particularly valuable at the State House.

“I think they just don’t have anybody [at the State House] who can say, ‘This is how this would effect my business,’” Gamba said about legislation that comes before lawmakers in a phone interview Tuesday.

“The business climate in this state is just awful,” she said. “Is it easier to fight or is it easier to leave? I think it’s easier to fight, at least one more round.”

Gamba said she thinks it’s harder to start a business in Rhode Island today than it was when her husband first opened the collision shop in 1975.

“Our kids are leaving for greener pastures and that’s hard for a parent,” she said.

Gamba and her husband, Dennis Gamba, have two children and two grandchildren.

“After spending many days at the State House during the 2013 session and testifying before House and Senate committees on many bills, I am completely committed to being part of the solution for a better Rhode Island for all residents,” she said.
Mike July 08, 2014 at 09:26 AM
When is the date? Please let us know. Perhaps you prefer Craven--arrested for domestic assault not once but twice, cheated on his wife with an emotionally vulnerable female client he was representing in a divorce, and accused of multiple conflicts of interest. This ethically challenged "man" voted repeatedly to increase your taxes, voted to pay back the 38 studio's "moral obligation" bond rather than let the insurance we paid for do so, and then voted not to look into the whole corrupt 38 studios debacle. Please let us all know how much better this "man" is for RI than Ms. Gamba.
highflyer July 08, 2014 at 10:29 AM
1st I don't "prefer" any of them! I believe it's 60 days before the general election per the sign ordinance. You protest too much, how's the AB business?
DENNIS GAMBA 223 1111 July 08, 2014 at 11:59 AM
@highflyer For the record, the ordinance on when signs can be displayed was challenged in court back in 2010 and as of this date there is no local sign ordinance. Therefore, there is no restriction as to when any signs can be displayed or taken down. Sharon’s fundraiser was last week at the Oak Hill and all the signs that were being displayed for the event were taken down except for the one you reference. The reason that sign is still there, is because the owner requested that we leave it up. Just for the record, no one is above the law. Have a great day. http://riaclu.org/news/post/north-kingstown-political-sign-case-resolved/
highflyer July 08, 2014 at 06:57 PM
@DG--ok then. The circus has begun. Have a great day also.
Dina Smith July 18, 2014 at 08:28 PM
When Sharon knocked on my door I had a great conversation. She won me over. She really does care about the people. This will be the first time ever I will be voting for a Republican. I wish you the best Miss Gamba.


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