What Are You Giving Up For Lent?

For those partaking in Lent this year, we want to know what you're giving up.

I spotted many ashen foreheads yesterday on Ash Wednesday as many across North Kingstown began Lent.

(Warning: I'm a non-Christian and, in my ignorance, told multiple people they had something on their forehead yesterday, trying to be helpful. To that kind lady at the YMCA yesterday who I thought had rubbed mascara on her forehead and didn't make fun of me, thank you!)

I'm oddly fascinated by Lent. Not because of the religious aspects and tradition, but more why people choose certain items, luxuries, habits, etc. to give up for the 40 days.  I've seen people give up everything from bread to alcohol to smoking. One of my friends even gave up using the word "wicked," just to see if it was possible to do such a thing in New England. (He failed within 5 days, but it was a valiant effort.)

What are you giving up for Lent and why? Comment below!


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