VIDEO: Tornado Allegedly Touches Down in North Kingstown

Neighbors on North Quidnessett Road claim a tornado swept through their area this morning.

Neighbors on North Quidnessett Road are claiming a tornado touched down and swept through the area at about 8:30 a.m.

"We heard it and we knew it was really heavy winds," said Sarah Rebello. "We looked outside and saw all the trees fall at the same time."

More than a dozen downed trees are visible from North Quidnessett Road, just west of Fletcher Road. The path of the alleged tornado crosses the street, leaving clear paths of debris and downed trees on either side. A large tree has taken down power lines in the area, blocking the road.

"I heard it and heard the trees cracking and the transformer blew," said Jill Tetreault.

Though Rebello and Tetreault did not see the tornado, they say one of their neighbors saw it as it crossed the road.

Jeff Michaelson, who lives on Fletcher Road, reported to North Kingstown Patch earlier this morning that he believed a tornado went through neighborhood. (See his photos and observations in our .)

Residents in the area reported power outages around 8:30 a.m., around the same time of the alleged tornado.

Susan Buchanan of the National Weather Service, could not confirm a tornado in the area. She said their Skywarn Spotter network in the area had not seen any evidence of a tornado. Updates and the latest NWS reports on Irene are available at weather.gov/boston

A is in effect for South County at this time.


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