5 Things to Know Before Voting on April 3

What you need to know for Tuesday's bond referendum.

In honor of April 3's special election, we've decided to put together a special 5 Things. Before you hit the polls, read this quick and easy guide.

1. What am I voting for?

If passed, this will go toward repairing and upgrading five schools throughout the district. Though more than $1.6 million of the bond is for upgrades to make buildings ADA compliant and another $550,000 to meet state building codes, a good chunk of the bond will go to replacing failing systems at schools – including the replacement of a roof at .




Davisville Middle School asbestos abatement $485,867 RI Building Code ADA accessibility work (including new elevetor and chair lift system) $929,442 ADA requirement roof replacement $3,028,780 system failure imminent HVAC (heating, ventilation, air-conditioning) system replacement $731,511 system failure imminent washable ceiling tiles at kitchen and consumer science classrooms $35,441 RI Building Code Fishing Cove Elementary School
ADA accessibility-related repair work (including new elevator) $435,114 ADA requirement Hamilton Elementary School ADA accessibility-related work $2,131 ADA requirement washable ceiling tiles at kitchen $11,443 RI Building Code SM Henseler Quidnessett Elementary School ADA accessibility-related work (including new elevator and chair lift systems) $105,281 ADA requirement HVAC system replacement $260,426 system failure imminent Stony Lane Elementary School HVAC system replacement $265,472 system failure imminent ADA accessibility-related work (including new elevator and chair lift system) $152,208 ADA requirement washable ceiling tiles and code compliant flooring at kitchen $17,511 RI Building Code

2. What do I need to vote?

North Kingstown's special election will be the first election in the state since the new voter ID law was passed. The new law will be phased in over the next two years, requiring voters to show a current and valid ID at their polling place before casting a ballot. If you don't have a voter ID card, make sure you have one of the following:

  • Rhode Island driver's license
  • US passport
  • ID card issued by U.S. educational institution
  • US military identification card
  • State of Rhode Island or US government issued ID card
  • government issued medical card

3. Where do I vote?

There will be two polling locations during this special election – Davisville Middle School and Cold Spring Community Center down on Beach Street.

If you voted at one of the following during the November 2010 election, you'll be voting at Davisville Middle.

  • Davisville Elementary School (voting district 1)
  • Stony Lane Elementary School (voting districts 2 and 3)
  • Davisville Middle School (voting district 4)
  • Quidnessett Elementary School (voting districts 6)
  • North Kingstown High School (voting district 7)
  • Wickford Middle School (voting district 8)
  • Slocum Grange Hall (voting district 13)

If you voted at one of the following during the November 2010, election, you'll be voting at Cold Spring.

  • Forest Park Elementary School (voting district 5)
  • Quidnesett Elementary School (voting district 9)
  • Cold Spring Community Center (voting district 10)
  • Hamilton Elementary School (voting district 11 and 14)
  • Fishing Cove Elementary School (voting district 12)

4. What time do I vote?

Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on April 3.

5. I'm still confused.

If you have any questions concerning polling locations, contact the Board of Canvassers office at 401-294-3331 ext. 128.

NK_Voter April 03, 2012 at 12:02 PM
The question the voters need to ask is why NK, with an estimated $54M in bond debt, needs to embrace $6,4M more debt because the schools constantly let the buildings deteriorate to a point where they can go to the voters and say--"gee! The roof is falling in. We need a health and safety bond." Then these opportunists add millions of dollars for nice to have fluff in an "all or nothing" package. School maintenance is underfunded, but the School Department and School Committee have no problem increasing teacher pay and benefits. Voters should reject the blatant manipulation, have the Town replace the roof, and force the school committee to do their job.
Govstench April 03, 2012 at 12:57 PM
NK_V: You ask a valid question - the govt body will always run to the bond to fix things as it is their "favorite vehicle" of choice. They have always done it. Even in this lousy economy, state and municipal governments have a box full of bond requests for the voters to approve. THEY DON'T CARE IF YOU CAN OR CANNOT AFFORD THEM! They just want more money and will go to whatever means to get it. The voters are the only ones to say to them, NO! With municipals across the state lining up for bankruptcy, you will still find the wish list of bonds on the ballot. It's like taking alcohol from a drunk - they will keep going for it.


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