5 Things: No School, Parking Ban & More Frankenstorm News

Five things to know for Oct. 29.

1.  North Kingstown schools will be closed today and tomorrow in anticipation of Hurricane Sandy.

2.  Additionally, a parking ban is in effect until Tuesday night at 7 p.m. Plan accordingly.

3.  As the storm approaches, I will be updating the site with the latest information. Follow us on Facebook or with our 'Cane Blog to get the news at it comes in. Also, if you have any tips or photos during the storm (or questions you'd like answered) shoot me an email at samantha.turner@patch.com.

4.  For businesses/groups/organizations in the area: let me know of any cancellations or information you'd like to get out there. I'm here to help. Be safe everyone!

5.  Today: showers and windy (with gusts up to 60 mph) and highs near 64. Tonight: showers with rain becoming heavy at times, windy with gusts as high as 55 mph and lows around 58. Tomorrow: still not out of the woods yet with more rain and wind (though gusts will drop down to highs of 36 mph) and highs near 65.


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