Free Empowering Women Seminars
Free Empowering Women Seminars

According to a Women’s Study done by Prudential, nearly 90% of women will be solely responsible for their financial situation at some point in their lives. Over the next decade, women will control two thirds of consumer wealth in the United States and be the beneficiaries of the largest transference of wealth in our country’s history. “The problem is that women are less confident than men when it comes to financial planning,” says David Reindel, nationally recognized leader in retirement income planning.

“Historically too, men have been higher risk takers with their finances, and women many times are left holding the empty money bag. That is why we are placing a focus on educating women so that their futures can be secure,” Reindel adds. “Today, women are increasingly responsible for major life events, either alone or jointly with their spouse. And they need to be able to make educated decisions.”

Reindel is offering a complimentary seminar to women’s organizations that will answer their questions, helping them understand key factors involved in their future planning.  “We have been helping people navigate this oftentimes overwhelming aspect of life with our informative presentations for many years, and it just made sense to design a series especially for women,” Reindel says. While more and more women are responsible for handling their family finances, they feel overwhelmed with all of the options and decisions required when planning for retirement income and for leaving a legacy. Reindel’s free seminar is called “Empowering Women”.

Although at times his clients have called him a “miracle-worker”, he doesn’t sell miracles. He offers time-tested solutions, solid expectations and rock-solid guarantees to back them up. Combining that with an uncommon level of direct customer service has made him one of the most successful financial practitioners in America.

Reindel is also the author of three books on financial planning, with his newest Beat the Odds – Guarantee Your Retirement in the ‘New Normal devoting a chapter to empowering women financially. This book continues his ‘good sense’ advice that is found in his first two books, Don’t Die Broke and We Survived the Crash.  Former U. S. Representative Rob Simmons, who wrote the foreward  in this latest book, comments, “This is where someone like David Reindel is a Godsend. He is honest. He is informed. He knows what he is doing. And he has a track record of making it work.”

More information and to schedule a seminar for your organization, go to his website, www.davidreindel.com.


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