See Where Coventry's Recycling Goes

Rhode Island Resource Recovery recently added a "virtual tour" of its Materials Recycling Facility to its "Recycle Together RI" website.


Earlier this year, the town of Coventry received a check from Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation for $75,689.30 representing more than 3,500 tons of recyclables processed at the Central Landfill over the previous year.

That payment also followed the unveiling of a new $17 million recycling system that allows residents to send recyclables to the Landfill without separating them — and this week, RIRRC posted  a "virtual tour" of the Materials Recycling Facility online.

The newly-updated MRF is the centerpiece of the new RIRRC initiative called "Recycle Together RI," which aims to increase recycling rates across the state.

“From die-hard recyclers to those who are simply curious about what we do here, everyone can learn something from watching this video,” said RIRRC Recycling Program Manager Krystal Noiseux, who narrates the 12-minute online video. “It provides the viewer with an overall understanding of the recycling process and how the effort each of us makes in our homes and communities has a greater impact on the state of Rhode Island.”

By following materials from drop-off to final destination, the video highlights the new Bollegraaf Single Stream System and explains some of the new restrictions on recyclables, including prohibitions on scrap metal and plastic bags.

Find the virtual tour, plus information about recycling in Rhode Island, at RecycleTogetherRI.org.

Alicarn December 16, 2012 at 04:42 PM
The video isn't working, at least for me, it isn't.
Lauren Costa December 16, 2012 at 05:52 PM
Alicarn - Sorry about that, it wasn't formatted correctly for Patch. It should be all set now!


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