Power Restored to Nearly All of NK

Most of town is now with power.

Four days after Hurricane Sandy made landfall, power has been restored to most of North Kingstown as of Friday morning.

According to National Grid, fewer than 250 North Kingstown customers (less than two percent of all NK) are still without power. During the height of the outages, . 

One of the last areas to come back online was the lower end of Post Road, just north of Wickford Village. 

National Grid also made large gains in Rhode Island's hard-hit communities in South County, including South Kingstown. More than 75 percent of customers in South Kingstown were without power at one point. Now, that figure has dropped to 14 percent. 

wickfordite November 04, 2012 at 12:44 PM
I am a resident off annaquatucket rd that was w/o power for 3 days because of a piece of wire that was only 1 foot long. Everytime the wind blows more than 30 miles an hour we loose power because the power line that supply this area are in the woods of prospect and boston neck rd( it happened when irene came into town also). The power company needs to do something about where these lines are and cut down all the trees that have grown around them, they placed these lines in this area because it was the cheapest thing to do at the time and now need to step up and fix this problem !!!!!!!!!!


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