UPDATE: NK Turbine Set For September Completion

A 413-foot tall wind turbine is scheduled for completion this September.

North Kingstown’s most controversial 413-foot structure is set to grace the South County skyline this fall. Construction on a wind turbine at .

The 413-foot, Goldwind turbine will be the first of six turbines lined up for installation by developer Wind Energy Development LLC, based in North Kingstown. Currently, DePasquale and his company are developing two in Coventry, two more in Westerly and another in North Smithfield – all on town property. According to DePasquale, Coventry alone could save upwards of $17 million in energy savings over the next 20 years, with 9 million kilowatt hours use per year from the turbines.

The . North Kingstown Planning Commission approved the project in fall 2010. Around the same time, the North Kingstown Town Council passed a . That ordinance has since been while a has been instituted until statewide planning offers its guidelines on wind energy systems. (The North Kingstown Green application was approved under the previous ordinance and before the moratorium and is not subject to the ban.)

Since September 2010, the turbine (and its sister project, ) has been the subject of sizable public outcry due to its size, safety concerns and location in residential area.

The turbine – which was originally slated to be 427 feet tall – is identical to the trio of 365-feet tall turbines in Providence – operated by the Narragansett Bay Commission – said DePasquale. (The Providence turbines were modified to be shorter in order to align with FAA regulations, said DePasquale. All four turbines are all manufactured by Goldwind.)

An earlier version posted the incorrect height of the turbine and incorrect savings for Coventry.

dick pastore June 17, 2012 at 11:48 PM
the wind ordinance which the PC drafted didn t allow anything by right- the ordinance allowed proposing a turbine anywhere in town (except wickford village). if you read the ordinance you would realize that any proposal had to pass muster and the ordinance provided for a great deal of lattitude during consideration by the PC. that s not to say that there was a predispostion to denying wind turbine proposals as the entire effort was pro alternative energy. stamp farm may have failed due to impacts on property values and potential annoyance issues such as low frequency noise. flicker would not have been an issue because any decision would have specified that the intellegent turbine programs stop the turbine during critical flicker periods. however due to local hysteria the PC never got to weigh the technical aspects of the proposals. the basic problem is that the public didn t trust the PC to assess the proposals and ultimately the TC decided to withdraw the entire concept. which is perfectly fine as they should reflect what the community wants, however we spent over 25 meeting addressing the wind turbine ordinance development and i can t remember more three people attending any of them. you don t want wind turbines - fine, you don t have to allow them, but please don t theorize all these conspiricy theories that this was done without public input or that it was done to facilitate depasquale s project because it wasn t.
NKGOP Watch June 18, 2012 at 06:29 AM
dick PASTore re-emerges. still scary.
Govstench June 18, 2012 at 11:20 AM
I can't believe there are still that many suckers out there thinking these contraptions will actually pay for themselves. They won't. Portsmouth's windturbine has turned into an economic nightmare with a blown transmission which will cost over $400,000 to replace. They just dumped close to $50,000 for new batteries. Now they are on the verge of defaulting on their bonds due to loss revenue. The only people who are making money on these things are the developers! They walk away leaving a headache for the ratepayers.......wake up already, it's yesterday's technology.
Greenwashed October 21, 2012 at 01:32 PM
Jeff - the Town Planner pushed for the legislation taht allowed teh ZOning Board to approve it - so your argument is one of semantics - the Planner/Planning Board had everything to do with it; they enabled this to be approved - no vision or foresight.
Rick Lavigne October 22, 2012 at 01:58 AM
Hard to believe the surrounding propery owners could't stop this massive turbine. I live in Exeter and just came across the monstrosity today. While green energy is certianly worth pursuing, sticking that giant pinwheel in the midst of a residential area is just plain wrong headed


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