A Pub Style St. Patrick's Day at Tara's Joyce Family Pub

At Tara's Joyce Family Pub, tradition is served up 365 days a year and today, locals flocked to the Joyce to celebrate the "Wearin' O the Green."

St. Patrick's Day festivities were in full swing at Tara's Joyce Family Pub on Matunuck Beach Road, as locals flocked to the seaside venue to share in the grog and experience traditional Irish fare.

Dubbed "The Joyce" by local patrons, the pub is a favorite haunt where guests are assured an ice cold pint with their meal, friendly service and traditional Irish entertainment. For those seeking a truly Irish flavor, bangers, rashers and yes, corned beef are menu staples. Traditional pub fare is served up daily with full breakfast available on weekends.

St. Patrick's Day Picks

  • Barley Soup - a bowl of piping hot barley soup
  • Tara's Pub Chips - crispy, thin sliced fried potato chips
  • Onion Rings - crunchy on the outside, sweet and juicy on the inside
  • Hand Formed Burger - (build your own style) topped with sweet Irish bangers,  American cheese, lettuce & tomato

The daily menu hosts  a wide range of items including "chowda" and clam cakes, fish and chips, sandwiches and a myriad of pub burgers.

Menu items range in price from $5  to $10, making Tara's Joyce Family Pub an affordable choice for a quick bite in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.  

Cynthia E. FIeld March 18, 2011 at 07:25 PM
Tracey, do you know if The Joyce serves "black pudding"? I fondly remember this wonderful sausage from my youth. We called it blood pudding because, well, that's exactly what it was made from. Writing about it now, I can almost smell it. Black pudding was the perfect complement to baked beans on Saturday night.
Tracey O'Neill March 19, 2011 at 11:24 PM
Here is the link for the Pub Menu, which doesn't have Blood Pudding listed. Sorry. I'm fairly certain that had it been there, we would not have partaken in the opportunity. My memories of blood pudding were more in the line of , "You're not serious, are you? I'm not eating that." That being said, I would absolutely return to the Joyce for an ice cold beer and a stab at the daily menu, breakfast perhaps, when the staff and kitchen are not begotten with Irish revelers in celebration of the patron saint. It has a great hometown pub atmosphere. http://thejoycefamilypub.net/menumain.html


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